Managing Your State of Mind – with Therapist Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes has honed the skills he needs as a practitioner over a lifetime, beginning long before he set up his hypnotherapy practice here in Pembrokeshire. He has some great tips for keeping calm in this difficult time. So if the lockdown is getting you down… over to Jonathan…


Changing our own ‘state of mind’ can be surprisingly easy and quick to do.

If you catch yourself feeling anxious and unsettled then try this:

Think of a time when you were really happy…

Who you were with?…

What you were doing?…

Notice how good that feels…

You might even start to smile as you remember that wonderful experience.

How easy was that!

I hope that this little tip can help brighten your day.

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Kitty Parsons

Kitty Parsons

Kitty is an incomer, with five summers under her belt and the knowledge that even the wettest and greyest of winters have not diminished her love of Pembrokeshire. She knows she will never live long enough to be considered a local but hopes to leave some small mark through writing about this beautiful county and its people.

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