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The Healer’s Task

“Don’t give up on me,”
Pleads my client.
“You’re my rock.”

I look at him,
His heart in my hands,
Open, vulnerable, defenceless.

What do I say?
What does he need?
I can’t hold him for ever,
Here in my hands.

I cannot promise
To keep him safe,
In a healer’s tryst,
“till death do us part”.

I am not his spouse,
His mother, his sister.

Non-attached love,
Compassionate and free,
I willingly give him,
Straight from my heart.

He needs to know,
That the love he feels,
Is not for me,
The person he knows.

It’s for himself.
The one he’s been talking to,
Unawares, thinking it’s me.

He is so brave.
Cutting away
The bars of his prison,
He struggles to bear,
The pain of release.

But I know,
With the sixth sense of the healer,
That he is the One,
To take charge of his Fate.

A breakthrough is reached!

The bars are nigh gone.
I ‘see’ the lost child,
Angry and bitter
From years of neglect.

“Why did you leave me,
Alone in the Dark?”
Shouting and screaming,
There’s no peace for the child.

Whilst he plucks up the courage,
To ask for forgiveness
From himself,
To himself.
And learns how to love
Himself as he is.

“My child, MY Inner Child,”
He cries, overcome
With mystery and awe
At the birth of His Self.

Midwife I,
Is it time?
Is it time to cut the cord?

Does he know where to go?
Does he know how to care,
For the newborn child
And the father he is?

I don’t know.
It’s impossible to say.
But yet I feel,
It is time

I watch with pride,
As he makes his way
Down the open street.

Newly healed,
And finally Free.

Geraldine Glover is the pen name of a spiritual healer and counsellor. A Pembrokeshire native, she draws her inspiration from her work assisting people to live their best lives.

Kitty Parsons

Kitty Parsons

Kitty is an incomer, with five summers under her belt and the knowledge that even the wettest and greyest of winters have not diminished her love of Pembrokeshire. She knows she will never live long enough to be considered a local but hopes to leave some small mark through writing about this beautiful county and its people.

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