Ancient Connections: an Opportunity for Artists

Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) and Wexford County Council are inviting submissions for four small artists’ commissions as part of the Ancient Connections cross-border arts, heritage and tourism project linking North Wexford with North Pembrokeshire.

Each artist commission is valued at €8,000 to include artist’s fees, materials, travel, accommodation and any other costs. Further funds totalling €10,000 for all four artists combined are available for public sharing of the work produced. This can be in the form of an exhibition, event, performance, installation or screening. Artists may present their work alongside other selected artists or present solo, depending on what is most appropriate. Collaborative cross-border proposals are welcome but must indicate a lead artist from one of the regions.

The deadline is 5pm on 20 August 2020.

Ancient Connections is an exciting three-year arts, heritage and tourism project linking North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales co-operation programme, led by Pembrokeshire County Council, with partners Wexford County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Visit Wexford. The project runs from May 2020 to autumn 2022. The project is focused on six communities; in Wexford this is primarily Ferns, alongside Enniscorthy and Gorey; in Pembrokeshire, the communities are St Davids, Fishguard and Goodwick.

The project works closely with many stakeholders in both regions, including in Pembrokeshire: St Davids Cathedral, Oriel Y Parc, Journeying, Fishguard Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Fishguard Arts Society, Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council and St Davids City Council. In Wexford, the project connects with Ferns Development Association, Ferns Heritage Project, Wexford Trails and Waterford Camino Tours, as well as many community groups in both locations.

The project’s aim is to motivate the communities of North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford to rediscover their shared heritage through research, archaeological activity, creative arts, and storytelling and to be mentors for one another; sharing knowledge, experience and skills to create a stronger sense of identity and place that will continue to flourish in years to come.

There are several aspects to the project which include:

  • Research around the stories of connection between these two regions
  • Community folklore gathering
  • A storyteller training scheme
  • Archaeological excavations.
  • Other art projects and commissions
  • Support for community projects and businesses
  • Animation projects in a schools setting
  • Exploring options for a pilgrimage route between Ferns and St Davids
  • Destination marketing for both regions.

Further details about other related aspects of the project:

Story searches are already underway in the communities of North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford led by Abarta Heritage and Angharad Wynne. A History Hunters scheme will begin in autumn 2020 to encourage community ownership of the stories and a storytelling trainer scheme will begin in 2021. See for more details. A literature review of the stories of connection from the Stone Age to modern day has been compiled and is available on request.

Archaeology: at Whitesands in Pembrokeshire the foundations of a stone-built chapel lie just beneath the surface of the turf. The 2014-16 excavations showed that this stone-built chapel overlies a cemetery dating from the 8th century to the 12th century, which is of great historical and archaeological importance. Phase one of the new excavations has already taken place in September 2019, with a report outlining the findings. Visit for further details. A report on the first excavation can be sent on request. Geophysical surveys are planned at a number of sites in the St Davids area, including the environs of St Davids Cathedral, the environs of Mathry Church, the environs of Llanrhian Church, Capel yr Hen Fynwent.

In Wexford, geophysical surveying will concentrate on Ferns and its surrounding areas. In June 2021 the Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS) will launch a major archaeological research project at the site of St Aidan’s Monastery, Ferns, Co. Wexford. The project aims to assess one of the most historically significant, but hitherto relatively unassessed, early medieval sites in south-east Ireland. The site is a multi-period complex, originally founded by St Aidan at the turn of the 7th century, which also contains early medieval crosses and cross slabs, a 12th-century Augustinian Abbey (founded by the King of Leinster Diarmuid McMurrough), and 13th-century medieval cathedral (St Edan’s Cathedral) within its wider confines. Visit for further details.

Other art commissions:

  • The Creative Camino, taking place in May 2021, an experimental pilgrimage between Ferns and St Davids including two artists from each region and two community members. The artists will create live work en route and a final exhibition will present all the artists’ work.  
  • An Artist in Residence scheme with two artists appointed in each region from July 2020 to February 2022. In Wexford the artist is David Begley, who will be creating a film exploring farming practices in Wexford, a monk’s garden, and a new body of work responding to the archaeological findings. In Pembrokeshire, the artist is Fern Thomas who will be creating and broadcasting from a radio station on a fictional island in the Irish Sea, in between Pembrokeshire and Wexford.  
  • A brief is being prepared for two pieces of linked permanent public art to be sited in Ferns and St Davids.

Animating Schools: three schools, two in Ferns and one in St Davids, are working with animation company Winding Snake to make a collaborative animation film exploring the historic, folkloric and mythical stories that connect these two regions.

Pilgrimage: a feasibility study has been undertaken to explore the possibility of a new pilgrimage route between Ferns and St Davids. This is likely to become the primary tourism product that the project will create and promote.

Destination Marketing: marketing will be undertaken to promote both existing assets in both regions as well as promoting new experiences and products, such as the proposed pilgrimage route to domestic as well as international markets. Key markets will include people who have undertaken other pilgrim routes such as Santiago, as well as people with ancestral heritage from either or both region, whom we are loosely describing as Celtic Diaspora.

The Brief

Ancient Connections propose to work with four artists in total, two linked to Pembrokeshire and two linked to Wexford to develop new work that relates to the Ancient Connections themes. Specifically, proposals are invited that link to at least two of the following themes:

  • Personal or collective pilgrimage or journeying
  • Sacred places
  • Celtic Diaspora, ancestral heritage and a longing for home
  • Creative storytelling that connects North Pembrokeshire and North Wexford

The focus of the commission is on the creation of new and original artwork/s and must involve place-base enquiry that relates to at least one of the project areas and/or its hinterlands (Fishguard, Goodwick, St Davids, Gorey, Enniscorthy and Ferns). Artists may wish to engage with other contractors within the Ancient Connections project, e.g. archaeological excavations, geophysical surveys, historical research, folklore and/or story gathering, or develop meaningful collaboration with local communities of place or interest, but this is not obligatory. Experimental ways of working with place are encouraged, as are innovation and excellence in artistic practice. While the artists will be based primarily in their own region, proposals are particularly welcomed that create links between the two regions, or make reference to connections across the Irish Sea in creative ways. Artists are encouraged to budget for at least one trip to the other region and to allow this experience to influence the artwork/s produced.

The artists can work in any art form or combination of art forms e.g. visual art, film, writing, theatre, music, sound, traditional arts, and must be suitable for public viewing from mixed audiences, including local audiences and communities in the project regions. These outputs could be an exhibition, film screening, reading, sculptural installation, performance etc. where members of the public and local communities can be involved and/or attend. The proposal can be submitted from artists working in a single art form or across disciplines or art forms or as an artistic collaboration.

While artworks can be in any medium, the artist is expected to create a significant aspect that can be shared digitally with online audiences. These audiences could be local, national and/or international. The Celtic Diaspora represents a particular target audience who may be encouraged to travel to one or both regions in response to viewing or engaging with outputs from this and other aspects of the wider Ancient Connections project. This could take many forms, for example: original film, documentation of performance or event, creative writing, an interactive online portal, a participatory project that online audiences can engage with.

At the end of their commission each artist would be expected to:

  1. Produce new and original artwork/s suitable for mixed public audiences, including local communities.
  2. Create a significant aspect of the work that can be shared with online audiences.
  3. Give a talk about their work to local audiences, or take part in a group discussion that could also be live-streamed in the other region.
  4. Travel to the other region for research or place-based engagement.

The artwork/s will be publicly presented in the artist’s own region in a suitable venue within the project area. Costs of presenting the work publicly will be covered from a separate budget and requirements of each artist will be ascertained through discussion with the project team.  Ideally, artworks will also be presented in the other region as well, but this will depend on logistics, budgets and opportunities for collaboration between artists or possible group showing, which cannot be predicted at this stage.

Artists who live in Pembrokeshire or Wexford are particularly encouraged to apply; however, artists who live outside Pembrokeshire and Wexford may also apply if they can demonstrate a prior link to the region either through previous work or through personal experiences. Artistic collaboration between any of the artists is an option, and would be welcomed if it develops organically, or a clear rationale for this can be demonstrated.

Artists may work within a timescale that suits their own practice or other commitments. This could be an intensive burst or a slower process developed over several months. Outputs can be publicly shared at a date to suit the artist/s and project team anytime between spring 2021 and autumn 2022. The four artists are not required to exhibit together, or at the same time, unless this is perceived as a beneficial approach to all artists concerned and the aims of the project. All successful artists must agree a schedule that works for the artist as well as fitting in with the Ancient Connections schedule with the project team within three months of starting the commission.

Commision Fee

Each artist residency is valued at €8,000. This is inclusive of artist’s fees, studio time, materials, production, insurance, venue hire, artwork production, and will be paid in three instalments at start, middle and end of residency.

This fee is inclusive of VAT. It is entirely the responsibility of each artist to determine how they will structure their days during this period, and they will determine their schedule based around other work commitments, and the ongoing developments of the Ancient Connections project.

There is an additional budget of €10,000 for all four artists combined to create public sharing events/exhibitions/performances etc which will be administered by Pembrokeshire County Council.

Time frame
  • Deadline 20 August, 5pm.  All artists notified by 27 August
  • Schedule agreed by successful artists and project team 30 November 2020
  • Public outcomes including online work – spring 2021 to autumn 2022
Application Procedure

Applications require the following:

  1. Completed application form and checklist.
  2. CV  (max three pages)
  3. A proposal (500-1,000 words) outlining the approach to the commission, how it links with the Ancient Connections themes, and the possible proposed artistic output/s, including ideas for online outputs.
  4. Examples of previous artwork 8-10 relevant examples of your previous work with one separate page clearly listing: medium, context, year, etc.
  5. A proposed timeline and budget breakdown

All five documents must be collated into one PDF document (Max size 10 MB)

Online applications only. Collaborative applications for one commission are welcomed but must indicate a lead artist associated with one or other region.

All applications should be sent by email:

Enquiries Ruth Jones (Pembrokeshire) 00 44 (0) 7798 925695 or Eoghan Greene (Wexford) +353 (0) 87 338 6005

Selection Process

The artists’ proposals will be evaluated and scored based on the criteria below by a panel of the Ancient Connections project team, which includes staff working for both Pembrokeshire County Council and Wexford County Council.

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of the proposal and creative response to the themes  35%
  • Quality of  the artists previous work and track record or demonstration of artistic potential 35%
  • Quality and suitability of proposed online outputs 15%
  • Budget breakdown, timeline and capacity to deliver 15%

This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014-2020. 

For more information and an application form contact:

Cysylltiadau Hynafol

Briff ar gyfer Comisiynau Artistiaid

Mae Cyngor Sir Penfro (CSP) a Chyngor Sir Wexford yn gwahodd cyflwyniadau ar gyfer comisiynau bychain gan bedwar artist fel rhan o brosiect celfyddydau, treftadaeth a thwristiaeth drawsffiniol Cysylltiadau Hynafol sy’n cysylltu Gogledd Wexford â Gogledd Sir Benfro. Gwerth pob comisiwn artist yw €8,000 – i gynnwys ffioedd yr artist, defnyddiau, teithio, llety ac unrhyw gostau eraill. Mae arian pellach, gwerth cyfanswm o €10,000, ar gael ar gyfer y pedwar artist gyda’i gilydd er mwyn rhannu’r gwaith a gynhyrchir gyda’r cyhoedd. Gall hyn fod ar ffurf arddangosfa, digwyddiad, perfformiad, gosodiad neu sgrinio. Gall yr artistiaid gyflwyno eu gwaith ochr yn ochr ag artistiaid dethol eraill neu roi cyflwyniad unigol, yn ddibynnol ar yr hyn sydd fwyaf priodol. Mae croeso i gynigion trawsffiniol cydweithredol ond rhaid iddynt nodi artist arweiniol o un o’r rhanbarthau.

Dyddiad cau Dydd Iau 20 Awst 2020 5pm.

Amlinelliad o ‘Cysylltiadau Hynafol’ a chyd-destun cefndirol y Comisiynau

Mae Cysylltiadau Hynafol yn brosiect celfyddydau, treftadaeth a thwristiaeth cyffrous, tair blynedd o hyd, sy’n cysylltu Gogledd Sir Benfro a Gogledd Wexford a chaiff ei ariannu gan Gronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop trwy raglen gydweithrediad Iwerddon Cymru, dan arweiniad Cyngor Sir Penfro, ynghyd â’r partneriaid, Cyngor Sir Wexford, Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro a Visit Wexford. Mae’r prosiect yn rhedeg o fis Mai 2020 – Hydref 2022. Mae’r prosiect yn canolbwyntio ar 6 chymuned; yn Wexford – mae hyn yn golygu Ferns yn bennaf, ochr yn ochr ag Enniscorthy a Gorey. Yn Sir Benfro – Tyddewi, Abergwaun ac Wdig yw’r cymunedau.

Mae’r prosiect yn gweithio’n agos gyda llawer o randdeiliaid yn y ddau ranbarth ac yn eu plith yn Sir Benfro: Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi, Oriel Y Parc, Journeying, Siambr Fasnach Abergwaun, Cymdeithas Celfyddydau Abergwaun, Cyngor Tref Abergwaun ac Wdig a Chyngor Dinas Tyddewi. Yn Wexford, mae’r prosiect yn cysylltu â Chymdeithas Datblygu Ferns, Prosiect Treftadaeth Ferns, Llwybrau Wexford, Teithiau Camino Waterford, yn ogystal â llawer o grwpiau cymunedol yn y ddau leoliad.

Nod y prosiect yw cymell cymunedau Gogledd Sir Benfro a Gogledd Wexford i ailddarganfod eu treftadaeth gyfrannol trwy ymchwil, gweithgaredd archeolegol, y celfyddydau creadigol, a chwedleua a bod yn fentoriaid y naill i’r llall; rhannu gwybodaeth, profiad a sgiliau er mwyn creu ymdeimlad cryfach o hunaniaeth a lle a fydd yn parhau i ffynnu mewn blynyddoedd i ddod.

Mae sawl agwedd i’r prosiect ac yn eu plith mae:

  • Ymchwilio i’r straeon am gysylltiad rhwng y ddau ranbarth hyn
  • Casglu llên gwerin cymunedol
  • Cynllun hyfforddi chwedleuwyr
  • Cloddiadau archeolegol
  • Prosiectau a chomisiynau celf eraill
  • Cefnogaeth i brosiectau a busnesau cymunedol
  • Prosiectau animeiddio mewn lleoliad ysgolion
  • Archwilio opsiynau ar gyfer llwybr pererindod rhwng Ferns a Thyddewi
  • Marchnata cyrchfan ar gyfer y naill ranbarth a’r llall.

Manylion pellach am agweddau cysylltiedig eraill y prosiect

Mae chwiliadau stori eisoes ar y gweill yng nghymunedau gogledd Sir Benfro a gogledd Wexford dan arweiniad Abarta Heritage ac Angharad Wynne. Bydd cynllun ‘Helwyr Hanes’ yn dechrau yn Hydref 2020 er mwyn annog perchnogaeth gymunedol o’r straeon a bydd cynllun ‘hyfforddwr chwedleuwyr’ yn dechrau yn 2021. Gweler am fwy o fanylion. Lluniwyd adolygiad llenyddiaeth o’r straeon am y cyswllt o Oes y Cerrig hyd heddiw ac mae hwn ar gael ar gais.

Archeoleg: yn Whitesands, Sir Benfro, mae sylfeini capel o gerrig yn gorwedd ychydig dan wyneb y dywarchen. Dangosodd cloddiadau 2014-16 fod y capel hwn o gerrig yn gorwedd dros fynwent sy’n dyddio o’r 8fed ganrif hyd y 12fed ganrif, sydd o bwysigrwydd hanesyddol ac archeolegol mawr. Mae cam un y cloddiadau newydd eisoes wedi digwydd ym mis Medi 2019, gydag adroddiad yn amlinellu’r canfyddiadau. Ewch i i gael mwy o fanylion. Gellir anfon adroddiad ar y cloddiad cyntaf ar gais. Mae arolygon geoffisegol ar y gweill mewn nifer o safleoedd yn ardal Tyddewi, gan gynnwys amgylchoedd Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi, amgylchoedd Eglwys Mathry, amgylchoedd Eglwys Llanrhian, Capel yr Hen Fynwent.

Yn Wexford, bydd arolwg geoffisegol yn canolbwyntio ar Ferns a’r ardaloedd cyfagos. Ym mis Mehefin 2021, bydd yr Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS) yn lansio prosiect ymchwil archeolegol mawr ar safle Mynachlog Sant Aidan, Ferns, Sir Wexford. Nod y prosiect yw asesu un o’r safleoedd Canoloesol Cynnar mwyaf arwyddocaol yn hanesyddol yn ne-ddwyrain Iwerddon, ond sydd hyd yma’n gymharol heb ei asesu. Mae’r safle’n gyfadeilad aml-gyfnod, a sefydlwyd yn wreiddiol gan Sant Aidan ar droad y 7fed ganrif, ac mae hefyd yn cynnwys croesau Canoloesol Cynnar a slabiau croes, Abaty Awstinaidd o’r ddeuddegfed ganrif (a sefydlwyd gan Frenin Leinster, Diarmuid McMurrough), ac eglwys gadeiriol ganoloesol o’r drydedd ganrif ar ddeg (Eglwys Gadeiriol Sant Edan) o fewn ei therfynau ehangach. Ewch i gael mwy o fanylion.

Comisiynau celf eraill: mae’r rhain yn cynnwys:

  • Y Camino Creadigol, a gynhelir ym mis Mai 2021, sef pererindod arbrofol rhwng Ferns a Thyddewi sy’n cynnwys 2 artist o bob rhanbarth a 2 aelod o’r gymuned. Bydd yr artistiaid yn creu gwaith byw en route a cheir arddangosfa derfynol yn cyflwyno holl waith yr artistiaid.
  • Cynllun Artist Preswyl gyda dau artist wedi’u penodi ym mhob rhanbarth rhwng Gorffennaf 2020 – Chwefror 2022. Yn Wexford, David Begley yw’r artist, a bydd e’n creu ffilm yn archwilio arferion ffermio yn Wexford, gardd mynach, a chorff newydd o waith mewn ymateb i’r canfyddiadau archeolegol. Yn Sir Benfro, yr artist yw Fern Thomas fydd yn creu ac yn darlledu o orsaf radio wedi’i lleoli ar Ynys ffug ym Môr Iwerddon, rhwng Sir Benfro a Wexford. 
  • Mae briff yn cael ei baratoi ar gyfer lleoli dau ddarn o gelf gyhoeddus barhaol gysylltiedig yn Ferns a Thyddewi.

Animeiddio Ysgolion: mae tair ysgol, dwy yn Ferns ac un yn Nhyddewi, yn gweithio gyda’r cwmni animeiddio Winding Snake i greu ffilm animeiddio gydweithredol sy’n archwilio’r straeon hanesyddol, llên gwerin a chwedlonol sy’n cysylltu’r ddau ranbarth hyn.

Pererindod: cynhaliwyd astudiaeth ddichonoldeb i archwilio’r posibilrwydd o lwybr pererindod newydd rhwng Ferns a Thyddewi. Mae’n debyg mai dyma fydd y prif gynnyrch twristiaeth gaiff ei greu a’i hyrwyddo gan y prosiect.

Marchnata Cyrchfan: ymgymerir â marchnata er mwyn hyrwyddo asedau presennol yn y ddau ranbarth yn ogystal â hyrwyddo profiadau a chynhyrchion newydd, e.e. y llwybr pererindod arfaethedig i farchnadoedd domestig yn ogystal â rhyngwladol. Bydd marchnadoedd allweddol yn cynnwys pobl sydd wedi dilyn llwybrau pererinion eraill fel Santiago, yn ogystal â phobl â threftadaeth hynafol o’r naill ranbarth neu’r llall neu’r ddau ranbarth, sy’n cael eu disgrifio’n llac gennym fel Diaspora Celtaidd.

Y Briff

Mae Cysylltiadau Hynafol yn bwriadu gweithio gyda phedwar artist i gyd, dau sy’n gysylltiedig â Sir Benfro a dau sy’n gysylltiedig â Wexford er mwyn datblygu gwaith newydd fydd yn ymwneud â themâu’r Cysylltiadau Hynafol. Yn benodol, gwahoddir cynigion sy’n cysylltu ag o leiaf dwy o’r themâu canlynol:

  • Pererindod neu deithiau personol neu gyfunol
  • Mannau Cysegredig
  • Diaspora Celtaidd, treftadaeth hynafol a hiraeth am gartref
  • Chwedleua Creadigol sy’n cysylltu Gogledd Sir Benfro a Gogledd Wexford

Mae’r comisiwn yn canolbwyntio ar greu gwaith/gweithiau celf newydd a gwreiddiol a rhaid iddo gynnwys ymholiad seiliedig ar le sy’n ymwneud ag o leiaf un o feysydd y prosiect a/neu ei gefnwlad (Abergwaun, Wdig, Tyddewi, Gorey, Enniscorthy a Ferns). Efallai yr hoffai’r artistiaid ymgysylltu â chontractwyr eraill oddi mewn i brosiect Cysylltiadau Hynafol, e.e. cloddiadau archeolegol, arolygon geoffisegol, ymchwil hanesyddol, llên gwerin a/neu gasglu straeon, neu ddatblygu cydweithredu ystyrlon â chymunedau lleol o le neu ddiddordeb, ond nid yw hyn yn orfodol. Anogir ffyrdd arbrofol o weithio gyda lle, ynghyd ag arloesi a rhagoriaeth mewn ymarfer artistig. Er y bydd yr artistiaid wedi’u lleoli yn eu rhanbarth eu hunain yn bennaf, croesewir yn arbennig gynigion sy’n creu cysylltiadau rhwng y ddau ranbarth, neu sy’n cyfeirio at gysylltiadau ar draws Môr Iwerddon a hynny mewn ffyrdd creadigol. Anogir artistiaid i gyllidebu ar gyfer o leiaf un daith i’r rhanbarth arall ac i ganiatáu i’r profiad hwn ddylanwadu ar y gwaith/gweithiau celf a gynhyrchir.

Gall yr artistiaid weithio mewn unrhyw ffurf ar gelf neu gyfuniad o ffurfiau celf e.e. celf weledol, ffilm, ysgrifennu, theatr, cerddoriaeth, sain, celfyddydau traddodiadol a rhaid i hwnnw fod yn addas i’w weld yn gyhoeddus gan gynulleidfaoedd cymysg, gan gynnwys cynulleidfaoedd a chymunedau lleol yn rhanbarthau’r prosiect. Gallai’r allbynnau hyn fod yn arddangosfa, dangosiad ffilm, darllen, gosodiad cerfluniol, perfformiad ac ati lle gall aelodau’r cyhoedd a chymunedau lleol gymryd rhan a/neu fynychu. Gall y cynnig gael ei gyflwyno gan yr artistiaid sy’n gweithio mewn un ffurf ar gelf neu ar draws disgyblaethau neu ffurfiau celf neu fel cydweithrediad artistig.

Er y gall gweithiau celf fod mewn unrhyw gyfrwng, mae disgwyl i’r artist greu agwedd sylweddol y gellir ei rhannu’n ddigidol â chynulleidfaoedd ar-lein. Gallai’r cynulleidfaoedd hyn fod yn lleol, yn genedlaethol a/neu’n rhyngwladol. Mae’r Diaspora Celtaidd yn gynulleidfa darged benodol y gellir ei hannog i deithio i un rhanbarth neu i’r ddwy mewn ymateb i wylio neu ymgysylltu ag allbynnau o’r agwedd hon ac agweddau eraill ar y prosiect ‘Cysylltiadau Hynafol’ ehangach. Gallai hyn fod ar sawl ffurf, er enghraifft: ffilm wreiddiol, dogfennaeth perfformiad neu ddigwyddiad, ysgrifennu creadigol, porth rhyngweithiol ar-lein, prosiect cyfranogol y gall cynulleidfaoedd ar-lein ymgysylltu ag ef.

Ar ddiwedd eu comisiwn, byddai disgwyl i bob artist:

  • Cynhyrchu gwaith/gweithiau celf newydd a gwreiddiol sy’n addas ar gyfer cynulleidfaoedd cyhoeddus cymysg, gan gynnwys cymunedau lleol.
  • Creu agwedd sylweddol ar y gwaith y gellir ei rhannu gyda chynulleidfaoedd ar-lein.
  • Rhoi sgwrs am ei waith/gwaith i gynulleidfaoedd lleol neu gymryd rhan mewn trafodaeth grŵp a allai hefyd gael ei ffrydio’n fyw yn y rhanbarth arall.
  • Teithio i’r rhanbarth arall ar gyfer ymchwil neu ymgysylltu yn seiliedig ar le.

Bydd y gwaith/gweithiau celf yn cael ei gyflwyno/eu cyflwyno’n gyhoeddus yn rhanbarth yr artist ei hun, a hynny mewn lleoliad addas yn ardal y prosiect. Bydd costau cyflwyno’r gwaith yn gyhoeddus yn cael eu talu o gyllideb ar wahân a chaiff gofynion pob artist eu canfod trwy drafodaeth â thîm y prosiect. Yn ddelfrydol, bydd y gweithiau celf yn cael eu cyflwyno yn y rhanbarth arall hefyd, ond bydd hyn yn dibynnu ar logisteg, cyllidebau a chyfleoedd i gydweithredu rhwng artistiaid, neu arddangosiad grŵp o bosibl, nad oes modd eu rhagweld ar hyn o bryd.

Anogir artistiaid sy’n byw yn Sir Benfro neu Wexford yn arbennig i ymgeisio, ond gall artistiaid sy’n byw y tu allan i Sir Benfro a Wexford hefyd wneud cais os gallant ddangos cysylltiad blaenorol â’r rhanbarth, naill ai trwy waith blaenorol neu drwy brofiadau personol. Mae cydweithredu artistig rhwng unrhyw rai o’r artistiaid yn opsiwn a byddai hyn yn cael ei groesawu os yw’n datblygu’n organig neu os gellir dangos rhesymeg glir drosto.

Gall yr artistiaid weithio o fewn amserlen sy’n gweddu i’w harfer eu hunain neu ymrwymiadau eraill. Gallai hyn fod yn bwl dwys, neu’n broses arafach a ddatblygwyd dros sawl mis. Gellir rhannu allbynnau’n gyhoeddus ar ddyddiad sy’n addas i’r artist/artistiaid a thîm y prosiect, a hynny unrhyw bryd rhwng Gwanwyn 2021 a Hydref 2022. Nid yw’n ofynnol i’r pedwar artist arddangos gyda’i gilydd, neu ar yr un pryd, oni ystyrir bod hyn yn ddull buddiol o weithredu i bob artist dan sylw ynghyd â nodau’r prosiect. Rhaid i bob artist llwyddiannus gytuno ar amserlen sy’n gweithio i’r artist yn bersonol, yn ogystal â chyd-fynd ag amserlen Cysylltiadau Hynafol â thîm y prosiect, a hynny cyn pen 3 mis ar ôl dechrau’r comisiwn.

Ffi Comisiwn

€8,000 yw gwerth pob preswyliad artist. Mae hyn yn cynnwys ffioedd yr artist, amser stiwdio, defnyddiau, cynhyrchu, yswiriant, llogi lleoliad, cynhyrchu gwaith celf, a chaiff ei dalu mewn tri rhandaliad ar ddechrau, canol a diwedd y preswyliad.

Mae’r ffi hon yn cynnwys TAW. Cyfrifoldeb cyfan gwbl pob artist yw penderfynu sut y bydd e/hi yn strwythuro’i ddiwrnodau/diwrnodau yn ystod y cyfnod hwn, a bydd yr artist yn pennu ei amserlen/hamserlen yn seiliedig ar ymrwymiadau gwaith eraill, a datblygiadau parhaus y prosiect ‘Cysylltiadau Hynafol’.

Mae cyllideb ychwanegol o €10,000 ar gael ar gyfer y pedwar artist gyda’i gilydd er mwyn creu digwyddiadau/arddangosfeydd/perfformiadau rhannu cyhoeddus ac ati fydd yn cael eu gweinyddu gan Gyngor Sir Penfro.

Ffrâm amser
  • Dyddiad cau: Dydd Iau 20 Awst, 5pm. Hysbysir pob artist erbyn 27 Awst
  • Cytunir ar yr amserlen gan yr artistiaid llwyddiannus a thîm y prosiect 30 Tachwedd 2020
  • Canlyniadau cyhoeddus gan gynnwys gwaith ar-lein – Gwanwyn 2021 – Hydref 2022
Gweithdrefn Ymgeisio

Mae angen y canlynol wrth gyflwyno ceisiadau:

  • Ffurflen gais a rhestr wirio wedi’i chwblhau.
  • CV (dim mwy na 3 tudalen)
  • Cynnig (500-1000 gair) yn amlinellu’r dull gweithredu mewn perthynas â’r comisiwn, sut mae’n cysylltu â themâu ‘Cysylltiadau Hynafol’, a’r allbwn/allbynnau artistig arfaethedig posibl, gan gynnwys syniadau ar gyfer allbynnau ar-lein.
  • Enghreifftiau o waith celf blaenorol: 8-10 enghraifft berthnasol o’ch gwaith blaenorol gydag un dudalen ar wahân yn rhestru’n glir: cyfrwng, cyd-destun, blwyddyn, ac ati.
  • Llinell amser arfaethedig a dadansoddiad o’r gyllideb

Rhaid coladu pob un o’r pum dogfen yn un ddogfen PDF (maint mwyaf 10 MB)

Dyddiad cau ar gyfer cyflwyniadau: Dydd Iau 20 Awst, 5pm 2020

Ceisiadau ar-lein yn unig. Croesewir ceisiadau cydweithredol ar gyfer un comisiwn ond rhaid iddynt nodi artist arweiniol sy’n gysylltiedig ag un rhanbarth neu’r llall.

Dylid anfon pob cais trwy e-bost:

Ymholiadau Ruth Jones (Sir Benfro) Ffôn: 00 44 (0) 7798 925695 neu Eoghan Greene (Wexford) +353 (0) 87 338 6005

Y Broses Ddethol

Caiff cynigion yr artistiaid eu gwerthuso a’u sgorio ar sail y meini prawf isod gan banel o dîm prosiect ‘Cysylltiadau Hynafol’, sy’n cynnwys staff sy’n gweithio i Gyngor Sir Penfro a Chyngor Sir Wexford fel ei gilydd.

Meini Prawf Dethol

  • Safon y cynnig a’r ymateb creadigol i’r themâu 35%
  • Safon gwaith blaenorol yr artist a hanes neu brawf o botensial artistig 35%
  • Safon ac addasrwydd allbynnau Ar-lein arfaethedig 15%
  • Dadansoddiad o’r gyllideb, llinell amser a’r gallu i gyflawni 15%

Ariennir y prosiect hwn yn rhannol gan Gronfa Datblygu Rhanbarthol Ewrop trwy Raglen Cydweithrediad Iwerddon Cymru 2014 – 2020. Dylai’r testun hwn a’r logos isod ymddangos ar bob adroddiad ac unrhyw ganlyniadau eraill o’r cytundeb hwn, e.e. cyflwyniadau, cyhoeddusrwydd ac ati.

Kitty Parsons

Kitty Parsons

Kitty is an incomer, with five summers under her belt and the knowledge that even the wettest and greyest of winters have not diminished her love of Pembrokeshire. She knows she will never live long enough to be considered a local but hopes to leave some small mark through writing about this beautiful county and its people.

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