Be Creative This Christmas

The VC Gallery is a voluntary charity for veterans and the community through arts and creative engagement. Through the pandemic it has been running a range of workshops via Zoom. Here is the list of events for the rest of December with Nina Camplin, online arts facilitator for the gallery. Go to the VC Gallery page on Facebook to find out more of what is going on and how to get involved.

Wednesday 16 December 2pm Poinsettia painting Join the guestlist for Poinsettia Painting on Zoom, Wed 16 Dec 2020 (

Wednesday 23 December 2pm Winter Robin in pastels Join the guestlist for Winter Robin Pastel Painting on Zoom, Wed 23 Dec 2020 (

Wednesday 30 December 2pm Matisse collage Join the guestlist for Matisse Collage, Wed 30 Dec 2020 (

Nina Camplin

The VC Gallery / Oriel VC, 30 High Street/ 30 Stryd Fawr, Haverfordwest / Hwlfford, Pembrokeshire / Sir Benfro SA61 2DA; 01437 765873 |


Kitty Parsons

Kitty Parsons

Kitty is an incomer, with five summers under her belt and the knowledge that even the wettest and greyest of winters have not diminished her love of Pembrokeshire. She knows she will never live long enough to be considered a local but hopes to leave some small mark through writing about this beautiful county and its people.

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