Natural Brilliance: Artist Liz Tobin

Liz Tobin

Artist Liz Tobin lives in Tenby, the iconic harbour being a continuing place of inspiration for her in all weathers and from all angles.  She also tells us that the river views from Haverfordwest are ‘unmatchable’ which she also enjoys endeavoring to capture in her work. 

“When preparing for an exhibition,” she says, “I take photos on my mobile, for at least 12 months prior to starting to paint and then I select and observe these photos several times a week before even considering getting to work.”

Haverfordwest River View

Liz is keen to share the nature that surrounds us even if we live in an urban environment or one which we have taken for granted. One of her aims is to help her audience see the things we have missed or have ignored in our everyday lives. Her observations of nature, town and seascape are abstracted in her paintings while still depicting reality.

North Beach Tenby

Working in watercolour, oil and acrylic she has recently turned to digital art as a result of doing a course in art and design at Carmarthen College of Art. She feels the course, which was completed in lockdown, has added to her skills notably in cross-referencing her work to include print, digital art and even ceramics which all influence each other.

“I like the digital palette as my paintings are naturally all about colour, and the digital palette has a vibrancy which I can’t emulate in traditional paints.”

 Liz will be taking part in the Phoenix exhibition at Carew in August. She will exhibit three A4 digital prints on canvas there – which is a new medium for her. Her digital entries for the Phoenix exhibition are two landscapes and a still life: Lobster Pots, Cresswell Quay and Sailing Boats, which will be £45 each.

Lobster Pots
Cresswell Quay
Sailing Boats

Visitors will also be able to acquire framed acrylic images on paper of St Lawrence’s Chapel, some cards of Tenby scenes and a bargain box of unframed A3 and A4 paintings, and acrylic and/or oil on paper of various views of both North and South Pembrokeshire which she experimented with during the first lockdown.

“I am very excited,” she told us, “because I love vibrant colour and the digital palette is nothing if not vibrant.”

In August Liz plans an exhibition of her work in the Oriel Q in Narberth. In October she will have an exhibition of her paintings in the Discovery room of Oriel y Parc in St David’s and is also hoping to auction a ceramic of the Tenby lifeboat for auction in Tenby in November.

“The proceeds from the sale of ceramics will go to my deceased brother’s favourite charity as his sudden death from a heart attack launched my journey to build these pieces.”

Houses on a Hill, Carmarthen

We asked Liz if she takes commissions.

She tells us that she will be delighted to paint a favourite view or your house and would generally charge £150 with a deposit of £50 for materials depending on the location. For a digital print she could produce something for around £50 according to location that would include projection onto a canvas.

 To find out more, please go to her website where at time of writing, she has a sale:

Liz says: “I understand that, post-covid, cash is short so I am in the process of reducing my oil and acrylic paintings on canvas which you can see on my website to half price for a limited time only.“

Kitty Parsons

Kitty knows that she will always be an incomer, but this is to be her sixth summers. The wet and grey days of winters have not diminished her love of Pembrokeshire, but she is always grateful for the golden light of spring and summer. Her love of the sea sustains her even through the darkest of days and she can often be found at high tide bobbing about in Fishguard harbour at high tide, often with seals in attendance. When not freezing in water she is usually at her computer. She says" has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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  1. Well done Kitty. Yes Liz is one of our Artists, alongside, GrahamhHadlow, Graham Brace, Andrew Bailey, Sandra Phillips, Jon Houser, Delyth Williams, yourself, myself, Janet Hope, Jim Colquhoun, Ray Bryan, Suzanne Nicholl, Helen Barrack, Jill Jones, Jil Burrows, Nigel Steer, Roger Carrington.Sue Field, Ian MacDonald. So consequently hoping for a very successful exhibition together with cream teas. Look forward to seeing you.
    Love Murielx.

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