On This Night of a Thousand Stars…

Vision Arts’ production of Evita at Queens’s Hall, Narberth
Vision Arts’ vision is to “bring the West End to Wales” and from the first
beautifully executed chorus of Evita, it was clear that the company was up to the task.
It was an impressive start – 20 cast members filled the stage, with nine musicians visible
in the pit – and the sound they made together did not disappoint. Of particular note
were the keyboard soundscapes of Clive Raymond and Miranda Morgan, and the
energetic percussion of Sara Llewellyn.
Evita, of couse, was written in the 1970s, long before Princess Diana’s rise to fame,
but one couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the two stories. An unknown
woman is catapulted to fame through her marriage to a powerful man, and through her
charm and star quality she quickly comes to overshadow her more monochrome
husband in the public’s affections.
And, of course, both died young – Diana at 36, and Eva at 33, tragically cementing
their legends as stars who shone brightly but, for their fans at least, had gone too soon.
I’m sure there were others in the audience who would have been struck by the
parallels, especially as the mourning scenes were redolent of that week in 1997 which
many of us are old enough to remember.
Early highlights were Drew Baker’s charming Magaldi, singing On This Night of a
Thousand Stars, and Leah Bower’s heartrending Mistress, getting every ounce of
emotion out of Another Suitcase in Another Hall. Having said that, every cast member
was excellent and Terri Harrison’s production was a huge success, cheered to the
rafters at the end.
Vision Arts is a fairly new group, but clearly will be well worth following. Among
other productions, in the next few months it will be performing Judy, Much Ado
About Nothing and Guys and Dolls at various venues around Pembrokeshire.
You can sign up to its mailing list at https://www.visionartswales.com/. This company
deserves your support I’m certain it will go from strength to strength.
It is truly capable of bringing West End values and style to our beautiful corner
of the world.

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