Wanted: Your Views on Homelessness

Image by TheOtherKev at Pixabay

The Welsh Government is doing a major consultation on dealing with homelessness post-pandemic. It is asking for people’s comments by 20 June this year.

When covid hit Wales, the official response meant that nearly 19,000 people were brought into emergency accommodation.

The Government says this provided “a much clearer picture of the scale of previously hidden homelessness in Wales, as well as the previously unmet support needs. This has led to increased investment from the Welsh Government, with over £195m invested in housing support and homelessness services, a record £310m in social housing in 2022/23 and the launch of the Private Rented Sector Leasing Scheme Wales which offers incentives for property owners who lease their properties to the local authority.

“A £60m fund was also recently announced which has been made available to local authorities and registered social landlords to rapidly increase permanent accommodation capacity across Wales.”

The Government is committed to “reform homelessness provision to focus on prevention and rapid rehousing”.

It says that primary legislation required to make longer-term changes will take a number of years to enact, but it is proposing interim legal measures intended to ensure that no one is left to sleep rough in Wales.

Full details of what is being proposed and information on how to give your views can be found at: https://gov.wales/post-pandemic-interim-homelessness-measures.

Nigel Summerley

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