Keep Wildlife Safe This November


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So it’s that time of year again. That time when we start setting fire to small bombs and garden waste in the name of tradition.

Personally I have always loved fireworks. Fireworks and doilies strike me as the ultimate decadence…utterly pointless but adding glamour to a dull day. I also love animals and, while doilies aren’t going to have much of an effect on most of them, fireworks and bonfires obviously do.

It’s unfortunate then that this is also the time that small wild creatures might be settling down for a long snooze. I can’t help wondering what the world would look like if we humans did the same thing… but I digress.

Apparently, the UK is the number one world’s worst at destroying the natural environment with more than 400 species of plants birds and mammals becoming extinct here in the past 200 years.

Many of us will be aware of hedgehogs, foxes and badgers, and those of us with gardens should pay particular attention to keeping these visitors to our gardens safe, particularly if planning a bonfire night party.

First on our list should be to keep any bonfire well away from any compost heap or large piles of leaves or garden waste in case someone is sleeping under there

Please also check your bonfire before you light it. Hedgehogs and other small creatures may well have decided that your unlit bonfire is the perfect place for a bit of shut eye.

If you do accidentally disturb some slumbering creature please leave them in peace. Cover them over and leave them be. That area can stay untidy until spring.

Fireworks, if you are putting on your own display, will inevitably cause distress to wildlife, but if you are going ahead, at the very least, clear up as you go, ensuring there are no left over sparklers or jumping jacks or decorations to add to the risk of fire or other accidents.

If you really want to help wildlife, you could make a shelter from a wooden box in a quiet part of the garden and fill it with leaves and straw. For frogs and toads, if you have a pond, dedicate an area as their safe place with stones, earth and perhaps a plant pot.







Kitty Parsons

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