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Llangwm Hall

When I met Liz Rawlings, chair of the trustees of Llangwm Village Hall, she told me: “The hall was completed in 1975. It is a lively centre for the village, despite the building being rather past its best.”

Purpose-built, on land that had belonged to the council, the building consists of a hall, a kitchen, and toilets off a small lobby area. It’s a lovely location, but Liz is right. The building has seen better days and the costs of refurbishing are only slightly less than rebuilding would cost.

Liz assured me that the 13-strong management team had plans in mind for a new building and, with the support of PLANED, had intentions to seek funding. The first stage of this consultation was to be  with the residents of the village, who will stand to benefit from the new project.

Liz, who arrived in the village in 1995 and became involved with the hall three years later, explained that although local people use the hall, there are issues that cannot be overlooked.

“I used to teach yoga here,” she said with a laugh. “But the building has always been rather cold, so we used to use sleeping bags as well as yoga mats.”

I have to admit that despite warm sunshine, the building was a little chilly. It was built in the 1970s as cheaply as the village could afford at the time, and there is little one can do to make it more efficient. There is the added problem that the roof needs replacing totally

“We make good use of the space, and can be packed out for events, like our village literary festival, but storage is an issue and the kitchen is not of a standard for commercial use.”

Despite this the hall has been a successful venue for festivals, lunch clubs  and pop-up cafés, the food having been cooked off-site and warmed up in the basic little kitchen. The building is also home to the village playgroup, the History Society , the choir and the council, all of whom require storage space.

Liz told me that  they had visions of an ecologically friendly new hall,  bigger and with a meeting room and storage space, plus a modern  kitchen. They envisioned a hall that would still  be viable in 100 years.

Meanwhile, the hall was busy with a regular programme of activities such as t’ai chi, the playgroup, band practice, quiz night, history society, plant sales, gardening, ukelele, night-out scheme, soup lunches, and the pop-up cafés.  The village is also proud of the Llangwm Scarecrows – which began in 1999 as a fundraising event and has been an annual favourite ever since, with more than 100 entries.

Llangwm Village Voices, led by Sam Howley, is another favourite that has delighted the county as well as the village with a repertoire that covers a Mozart Mass, Vivaldi, Fauré, Abba, Queen, the Beatles, Bernstein and Sondheim.

Of  particular interest is the  literary festival that Pembrokeshire.Online  has attended  and which was thoroughly enjoyed. This year’s festival will no doubt also be a great success. The 2020 festival will be held from Friday 7 August to Sunday 9 August. Have a look at for more information

I asked what the trio consider to be the priority while planning the future.

There is a school in the village that serves pupils from four to 11, so involving local children was considered most important. There is a great sense of community in the village, and they want to ensure that the lively energy the centre has enjoyed over the years continues.

To contact the hall, email

 Elizabeth Rawlings:

Or go to the Facebook page

Llangwm Village Hall, Llangwm, Pill Parks Way, Llangwm, Haverfordwest SA62 4HT.

Current hall charges  for hiring the Hall are as follows:

Per session – morning/afternoon/evening £10
Adult party £35
Children’s party £25
Summer wedding £150
Winter wedding £175
Charity event £10

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