Rehome a Hen

The British Hen Welfare Trust was established in 2005 by Jane Howorth, and is Britain’s first registered charity for rehoming laying hens. Jane was awarded the OBE in the 2016 New Year honours list for her work in rescuing and rehoming more than 700,000 caged hens which would otherwise have been slaughtered.

There are  approximately 16 million hens kept in colony cages in the UK. This charity aims to rehome as many as possible when they come to the end of their commercial egg-laying life. It also educates consumers about caged eggs hidden in processed foods, such as pasta, quiches, cakes and mayonnaise, so people  can make an informed choice when shopping.

The charity has collection points across the UK and is helped by 800-plus volunteers. People can donate to the charity or help in a number of ways, making a home for our feathered friends is just one way.

Fancy getting involved,  making a donation or even liberating a chicken to your own back garden? Then go to the website or phone 01884 860084.

Last summer it broke all records for a national hen welfare charity, with more than 14,000 birds being saved from slaughter – 1,350 of which will have been rehomed in Wales.

The British Hen Welfare Trust’s network of volunteers will be flocking to farms all over the UK to take hens out of their cages, with the goal being to rehome them in people’s back gardens. But the charity needs the public’s help.

With so many ladies looking to start free-range retirements, the charity urges people who have bit of extra space in their back garden – plus a passion for animals – to get in touch.

Most of the hens being rehomed have been living in cages for 18 months, working hard to lay eggs for supermarkets and to go into processed foods. Once they reach that age, their egg-laying slows down so they are sent to slaughter. That is, unless the BHWT steps in to rehome them as pets.

The charity can’t guarantee the hens will continue laying, but nine times out of 10 you’ll get enough eggs to enjoy a free-range eggy breakfast. A pet with benefits!

To reserve your own feathery flock, simply register your details at and then call Hen Central on 01884 860084.

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