Wales Wants No Visitors

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First Minister Mark Drakeford today announced tough new measures to slow the spread of coronavirus in Wales and save lives.

Caravan parks, campsites, tourist hotspots and popular beauty spots will be closed to visitors from today.

Local authorities are also enforcing the closure of pubs throughout Wales following reports some are flouting the shutdown introduced on Saturday. Licensed premises that continue to trade will risk losing their licence.

Drakeford said: “Wales is a beautiful country and attracts millions of visitors every year – but now is not the time for unnecessary journeys. We want people to come to Wales when the threat of coronavirus has passed.

“Today, we are taking action to close caravan parks, campsites and some of our most recognisable visitor sites to keep people safe and to reduce the pressure on our NHS.

“My message is simple. Please stay at home and save lives.”

The tougher measures come amid mounting concern many people are not following government guidance about reducing contact with other people – large crowds were gathered at some of Wales’ busiest outdoor and tourist spots over the weekend.

Nigel Summerley

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1 Response

  1. Geoff Whitehead says:

    We have just been informed that access to the public beach at Penally has been blocked by the National Park. Surely, as a large area with no danger of crowding, this is totally unnecessary and denies residents of the opportunity for the (recommended and legal) daily excercise. Also, is not this beyond the Parks legal remit?