POINT: A Mentoring Success Story


Pembrokeshire.Online likes to keep up with POINT because of its sterling work with young people. The project has been working since 2001 in North Pembrokeshire with young people aged 10-25.

Not least of its many projects is its mentoring programme which is coming to the end of a three-year run. Funded by the Big Lottery as part of its Point Across Communities initiative, the project has recruited 22 mentors since it began and supported 28 young people in one-to-one relationships. Along with group mentoring sessions, more than 100 hours have been dedicated by mentors in supporting more than 90 young people.

All mentors were drawn to the project because they wanted to make a   difference to the lives of young people. Each brought a range of skills, the most important of all being their own life experiences and their willingness to take on this exciting challenge. They underwent four days of training and made a commitment of between one and two-and-a-half hours per week. Almost all of those who undertook the training have gone on to work in various ways with the young people, some for 12 months and longer.

What sort of things do the mentors do?

A spokesperson told us: “People have shared their skills, hobbies and interests. They have also provided employability support (e.g. CV writing and job search); emotional support (listening, talking things through and signposting); and practical support such as supporting to attend appointments, e.g. adult education.

“The mentors have worked hard to support their mentees in making life-changing decisions, such as leaving home, relationships, or what course of study to choose. Some of our young people are in or from care and need support to move into independence. Mentors have also shared hobbies. We have had mentors sharing gardening tips, violin skills, mindfulness techniques and much more. We have made sure to match people who will work well together and we have monitored the process very carefully.”

POINT is really proud of what has been achieved so far, not least because of the new relationships that have been forged between different generations within the community.

Its hope is that a further Big Lottery funding bid will be successful to retain the mentoring scheme as part of its services available to young people in North Pembrokeshire.

Mentor training


“Having association and time with a person of a different generation is a good opportunity to learn from each other.” 

“It’s a real pleasure to work with someone that I would not have otherwise worked with.”

Others have commented that they have enjoyed being part of a group, and there is high praise from one:  “The support that is available to young persons at POINT is outstanding, and mentors can be assured that there is a strategy of support and back-up from the team”. 


“My mentor has been really easy to talk to and I have built a strong trust with her.”

“My confidence has grown.”

“My mentor gives support without judgement.”

“Because of some small changes that I talked through with my mentor, I am now sleeping better.”

“It is handy having someone to help me with some of the practical sides of volunteering, and great to chat to them at the same time.”

“It feels really comfortable talking to my mentor.”

“I can learn a lot from them.”

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Kitty Parsons

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