Taking Care of the Hogs

Hedgehogs generally give birth  in June and July and are at risk from being disturbed or injured, so you are urged to check before starting any garden work. The babies (hoglets) are tiny, and the nests with their little families can be hard to spot.

A hedgehog mum gives birth to up to five babies but she doesn’t always manage to wean them all. Mum has been known to run off or even to eat her young if disturbed.

We have been advised that once a mum has run off she is unlikely to return, but you should stop and watch for about an hour to make sure. If you have disturbed mum and her nest and can catch her, please put them all in a high-sided box, including the nest. Remember to wear gloves.

You should place the box in a quiet place, safe from other pets. When they are secure, call a rescue organisation for advice.

We are told that abandoned hoglets make a high-pitched screaming sound to let their mother know they need feeding. If your hoglets are making this sound, they are in need of emergency care and specialised feeding, so get advice fast.

Mother and babies


Contact Pembrokeshire Hogspital for help throughout Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen.

07974 681659 (Ginny)
07974 866040 (Russ)
or 01834 844498

If you are nearer to Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot:
Bat and Hedgehog Rescue 07530 289638
Gower Bird Hospital 01792 371630

Cardigan and Ceredigion:
Call Hedgely Hedgehog Rescue – Tasha on 01239 682324

If you are in the North, Powys area:
Call Howey Hedgehog Rescue 01597 824951

A new rescue has opened in Lampeter: 07527 524300; 01570 423818

Farther afield in Gwent:
Hedgehog Helpline 07557 646773 or 6-10pm 01495 244149

Helping Wildlife also has a register of carers for all types of animals.

Emails requesting or giving information may be sent to ginny@silentworld.org.uk

But PLEASE DON’T send emails regarding sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs needing rescuing as the message will not come through quickly enough. This applies to all rescue  situations.

For advice farther afield about hedgehog welfare, injuries and illness, call 01584 890801

For general enquiries, email hedgehog@ptes.org

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