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Louis Okwedy

We last caught up with Louis Okwedy in January. Remember those heady days when we were allowed out to go out and do whatever we wanted – but didn’t really want to go anywhere because it was too cold and wet?

Copper sculpture by Louis Okwedy

After months in lockdown many artists, for whom their craft is their livelihood, have not just been feeling trapped but have been struggling to keep their heads above water.

Ammonite from Copper by Louis Okwedy

Louis tells us that there has been plenty of other work to keep him and his partner, Chess, occupied – for which they are grateful. However, Louis has not been able to do much to add to his portfolio.

Corona Lisa by Louis Okwedy

At the start of the lockdown he created a pop art/dada-inspired artist’s response to the current cultural climate. He says that Corona Lisa is  intended to  highlight the questions and concerns being discussed in homes up and down the country. Copies of prints are available to buy and have stirred up a lot of interest.

Bear Pair by Louis Okwedy

Some delightful little items, formed from Jesmonite (a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin) have been created for a commission and include this Bear Pair and Golden Hare.

Golden Hare by Louis Okwedy

Usually inspired by seascapes, water, sand and rocks, Louis can often be found searching out new angles on familiar scenes , blurring the lines between photos and art.

He describes himself as a problem-solver who is influenced by organic forms and geometric shapes: “My intrigue with material manipulation has led to the development of work emphasising the connections and contradictions between the soft and organic and the precise and industrial.”

Cromlech by Louis Okwedy

The  challenges that arise out his original ideas mean he is always developing his technical skills, which in turn brings the further evolution of the work.

“In the  last week or so,” he says, “I have begun adding photos to Red Bubble to build a shop for photography and gifts. These are for sale online and in local shops, should they be able to open again.”

Goodies for sale

To read more about Louis Okwedy and his work, see our previous feature from January 2020.


phone: 07772820607

email: louisokwedy@gmail.com




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