Lammas Life Goes On

Cassandra Lishman’s cob house is nearing completion ©Nigel Summerley

Calling in at the Lammas Ecovillage, near Glandwr, the other day, I was able to catch up with Cassandra Lishman whom we featured on Pembrokeshire.Online a little while ago.

It was good to find that her willow sculpture business has been weathering the coronavirus storm and that online orders – from as far away as the US – have continued to come her way.

Cassandra has also been busy supervising her family’s latest project, a splendid new cob house which, when it is finished later this year, will offer accommodation for those wishing to stay in this remarkable place.

Cob is an ancient building material using clay, wood, sand and straw, and it is a cheap and effective way of building a cosy and well insulated house.

The sustainable, eco-friendly approach of Lammas’s inhabitants may be part of an alternative lifestyle – but certainly not an alternative to hard work. Cassandra – and the other ecovillagers – seem to be on the go all the time, with a myriad tasks demanding their attention. They are all quite amazing people…

The Lishmans’ grass-roofed stable ©Nigel Summerley

+ See previous articles on Pembrokeshire.Online for more details about Cassandra Lishman and the Lammas Ecovillage.

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