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Strandings – What Can You Do If You See One?

 During September we had two different strandings on Goodwick beach, a common dolphin and a bull seal. Neither animal showed any signs of injury and both animals slowly made their way to the beach and died shortly after.

But what can you do if you see an animal in distress? The best thing to do is ring the appropriate organisation listed below, If it is within the local area of Goodwick, the Sea Trust team would also be able to help. Do not try to manually help the distressed animal unless safe to do so. Generally though, this is not the case, an injured or distressed animal is likely to be defensive and aggressive and has a chance to spread infectious diseases. 

Cetaceans (dolphins, porpoise, whales) and turtles:

For dead strandings call Rod Penrose from UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) – 07970064240 / 0800 652 0333

For live strandings call Sea Trust’s Cliff Benson on 01348 831882 / 07516 454581 


If a pup is alone on a beach, it usually means that its mother is nearby in the water or they are too young to understand what a public beach is and have come ashore to rest. Make sure you keep well away so she can return to her pup when she needs to.

If you do spot a seal in distress, call Welsh Marine Life Rescue (Terry Leadbetter) on 01646 692943, 07970 285086. Or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

If the seal is on Goodwick beach, call Sea Trust’s Cliff Benson (01348 831882 / 07516 454581)

Manx Shearwater:

If a Manx Shearwater is found, please place it in a ventilated cardboard box. If you find more than one bird, use separate boxes. The bird can be dropped off at the Ocean Lab and we will look after it until it can be released.

Seabirds and other birds:
Call Sea Trust’s Cliff Benson on 01348 831882 / 07516 454581
Or call RSPB’s Greg Morgan on 07881 846498

If no luck, call:

• Tinkers Hill Bird Rescue Centre (Maria Evans) on 01834 814397 or 07771 507915
• West Williamston Oiled Seabird Rescue Centre on 01646 651236

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