Help House a Hedgehog

I freely admit I stole this item from a friend’s Facebook page, but I am a sucker for those spiny little creatures, especially after reading about ready-made hedgehog shelters online that are really dangerous to our already endangered friends.

Thanks to Alsager Urban Wildlife Initiative for this piece on :

How to Build a Hedgehog Bunker

One of the best hedgehog hibernation homes can be built very quickly and cheaply from 21 old bricks and a 3×2 paving slab

You can probably get these for free off Facebook Marketplace.

Step 1: choose a secluded and sheltered spot, ideally somewhere shady. It is important to choose somewhere that the ground isn’t going to get too wet.

Step 2: clear any vegetation and level the ground area equivalent to the slab size.

Step 3: lay the bricks as shown. You don’t need to use any mortar, but can use some sand if it helps to level the bricks

Step 4: lay a second course of bricks making sure the joints are staggered. You will need to cut or break one of the bricks into halves.

Step 4: carefully lower the slab onto the bricks. Again you can bed the slab on sand to stop it from rocking.

Step 5: add material on and around the bunker. You can partially bury it with soil and/or piles of logs and leaves; just make sure the entrance remains clear.

Using logs will provide habitat for invertebrates, which are natural hedgehog food.

If you only have a 2×2 slab, the entrance tunnel will be outside the slab, but can be roofed with more bricks, tiles or slates.

What are you waiting for? The hogs need you!

Kitty Parsons

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