Introducing Local Author David Western…

David Western

I’ve lived in Pembrokeshire for over 30 years, working for a national bank until my early retirement in 2014. Prior to arriving in Pembrokeshire, I’d led a rather nomadic life, thanks to my father serving in the RAF, and my banking career.  

I’m married to Sandra (a Mumbles, Swansea girl) and am a father and a grandfather.

Shortly after retiring I revived a lifelong passion for writing by attending local creative writing classes. The result has been a book of short stories, plays and poems for family and friends, and my debut novel, Gertie’s War.

Gertie’s War

Gertie’s War shows life from a German point of view and how a family can be ripped apart by war.

Housewife Gertie is happily married to railwayman Albert in Germany, and resiliently enduring the hardships of war, in early 1944. Her son and brothers are away fighting and Albert wants to join up too. Like millions of others, she believes the Nazi propaganda that’s fed to her. Then one day, an innocent action on Gertie’s part leads to a knock on the door that changes her life forever.

In the ensuing terrifying chain of events, she suffers at the hands of a powerful man determined to use her for his own purposes. She meets other victims of the Nazi legal system and experiences the terror of an air raid. Her beliefs and values are challenged as never before and she begins to question official attitudes and actions.

With only the love for her husband and family to keep her going, will it be enough? Can she get back to the family and the life she once knew?

Book two is currently a work in progress.

Some further examples of short stories are available on my website:

Gertie’s War by David Western is available on FeedaRead and Amazon (inc Kindle)

Look out for some of David’s short stories in future editions of Pembrokeshire.Online

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