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We recently attended a Zoom meeting with a group of parents and professionals to catch up with POINT and find out more about its Mind Matters project.

Jessica Palmer, POINT’s Manager for Nurturing the Future, and Hannah Rackham, Mind Matters Coordinator, spoke about the mental health  issues faced by young people in the north of Pembrokeshire particularly, which is where POINT is based. It is of great concern that a marked deterioration in mental health has been recorded since the start of the pandemic.

Mind Matters recognises the serious issues faced by so many young people and aims to help them share experiences and to support and encourage self-reliance. It intends to offer this service to young people aged from 10 to 25.

Hannah stressed that flexibility was the key to engaging  with as many young people as possible, and such a wide range of ages would mean setting up different groups where people could share their experiences and coping strategies and have some fun each week.

The team were asked what activities they had planned.

Hannah said: “It is necessary that the activities can be done on line, but we will start by checking  in with what has been positive and what has been a struggle in the week.”

The group will draw up its own agreement on acceptable guidelines for the group and there will be guidance on understanding one’s own moods and what helps each person to cope with stresses. The team expressed the importance of peer support.

When asked about other ways to help and support young people, Jessica was clear that the groups don’t work for everyone and that POINT is also able to offer one-to-one counselling, mentoring  and other support for those who need it. It can also make referrals to a number of different organisations.

If you are a young person in need of support, or know of someone who might benefit from this project, see below.

Get in Touch

Get in touch using one of the methods below or send a message using the form (scroll to the bottom).

Email :,

Phone : 01348 871887 / 01348 875467

Address : POINT, Fishguard and Goodwick Young Person’s Trust, Popworks, Parc-y-Shwt, Fishguard SA65 9AP.

If you would like to self-refer for counselling at POINT, click the link below which will direct you to the AREA43 self-referral form. Please enter the word ‘POINT’ in the ‘code’ tab located at the top of the form and complete the rest of the form, this will ensure that you will have your counselling at POINT. If you are 13 or over, parental consent is not required.

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