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The arm rotator

The Lota Park Project in Fishguard has been working towards a new playpark and skate park and is interested to hear your ideas on how to make sure that our children and young people have safe, fun and exciting places to play in the outdoors. Would you help to fundraise? It wants local people to come forward and join the Lota Project.

Councillor Pat Davies has secured the Lota Project a grant for over £45,000 to finish the installation of play equipment.

The new roundabout

And the group is pleased to announce that additional work will start on 15 March.

Replacement swings and protective matting, along with improvements to  the roundabout, are all  included. Two larger pieces of equipment have been purchased – a new-style witch’s hat and an arm rotator. A small basketball area is also underway, plus more  suitable equipment for much younger children in the small play area.

Damage by vandals

Disappointingly for the people of Fishguard, recent vandalism to new equipment has necessitated the park being closed for professional cleaning.

A spokesperson said: “It is extremely disheartening for us to work so hard for the community only for a small minority to spoil it for everyone, but as a group we’re still totally committed to securing the funding for the skatepark and  our good work will continue .”

For more information or to get involved, please go to the Lota Project on Facebook.

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