Princess Nest: Chapter 8

Nest ferch Rhys was born around 1085 – the  daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr (Rhys ap Tudor Maw), King of the Deheubarth,  and Gwladys ferch Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn of Powys. At only 13 Nest became the mistress of Henry I before he became king. During her life she bore  nine children to  five different men, was at one time abducted and generally led an eventful life for a woman of her time. Despite this, there is not a lot of information about her. This series is based on some essential historical research and our own imagination.

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In the weeks to follow the game continued. How she came to learn such coquetry I cannot say but there were times when my pretty came home to me with triumph in her eyes. She relished the power she found in her young, as yet untried female body and she held the man it seemed in her tiny palm, even before he was permitted to take possession of her.

There were the spells. Of course, there were the spells. I gathered all the brightness the spring had to offer and in secret we petitioned the old Goddess to fill my girl with her glamour and power.  If I had been concerned that Our Moon lady might not find us in our new land, or that her powers might be diminished, Nest had no such misgivings.

Then one bright morning, waking in our sweet bed, she turned to me. I felt her eyes upon me as I woke in a pool of sunshine. “It must be done”, she said with a shiver, “or the time will be lost.”

I nodded. Henry had been at the castle for three weeks. It was longer than he normally stayed, and it was obvious why he was here still. But the king grew restless and soon he would be away, campaigning, conquering, quelling. A king must be about the business of rulership, from which there is no rest. Undoubtedly Henry would go with him and who knew when he might return.

I will not say that Nest gave herself to Henry that night. I have always said and will to my dying breath that she took him, and virgin that she was, she bound him to her with all the power she had in her young body, and with all the magic the great Goddess bestowed upon her.

For me, I lay alone in that bed all that night and could not keep out the chill. For thirteen years since she had been laid into my arms, a squalling scrap of life, I had moulded my body around hers, or hers around mine, each night in blessed sleep. Now no sleep came and when I heard her footsteps upon our stairs and I lifted myself from my sewing by the window, I rose to greet, not a child anymore, but a woman grown.

She stood in the doorway, her hand upon the latch as though she expected some reproof, and what came from her were tears.

I folded her into my arms, my heart beating with fear. A flurry of imaginings, dark and dangerous filled my mind. Had he harmed her? Had she been rejected, cast aside already?

 And then she spoke, and she laughed. “Silly goose,” she said, as though she read my thoughts. “I am just so tired and I missed you, and seeing you here so worried made me weep for you.”

And when I undressed her and covered her warmly in our bed, she caught my hand and kissed it and said, “I think we have our protector, Olwen.” And then she added as her eyes closed: “But to be certain, sure, there will need to be a child.”

And I felt my stomach clench because I knew she spoke the truth. My little girl must be a mother. There were no other choices, and it must be soon.

Our petitions and spells were now to take on a new urgency.

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Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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    Loved this taster of a good story. Will inquire about the book.

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