More Recognition for Local Artist Glenn Ibbitson

Pembrokeshire.Online has been a fan of Glenn Ibbitson’s work since first coming across his paintings some years ago. As a little celebration of his recent news – he has been accepted as an associate member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists – we thought a reminder of his affecting work would delight those who are also fans. For those who have not seen his paintings, we hope you will enjoy this treat…

Glenn Ibbitson was a scenic artist for film with the BBC for some years, honing the skills that make his work so visually stunning.

Living and working in Newcastle Emlyn for about 17 years, he has exhibited in a range of locations across England and Wales. You can find out more from his Facebook page or websites – see Information below.

Glenn does not see himself as a crusading artist though he clearly has a passionate concern for humanity. By distancing himself from the contemporary art scene he avoids obligation to follow trends. This way, he says, he can adopt any medium he chooses and can “follow his gut’”

He says: “Although I hope that my work can be appreciated on a purely aesthetic level, much of my work is propelled by socio-political subtext.”

Please note that the images we are displaying here are with Glenn’s express permission. They are his property and should not be reproduced in any form.

To find out more or to contact Glenn, go to: or

Kitty Parsons

Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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