Mental Health First Aid from POINT

POINT is a well established and highly acclaimed youth service based in the north of Pembrokeshire. It has been some months now since it launched its training in Youth Mental Health First Aid.

This training is currently being delivered, to internationally recognised standards, to the community of West Wales. 

POINT says: “Our aim is to break the stigma of mental ill health and support you to support young people. We want to work together to improve young lives and minds in West Wales.”

Here is what some recent participants had to say:

The online learning was very informative… giving extra tools to help young people.”

“The training in general was fantastic! The easy to follow but effective ALGEE model is a great tool.”

“The instructors were brilliant. I would say I feel more confident and better equipped to approach and assist young people who are going through a mental health crisis and suffering from mental ill health issues in general.”

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Youth Mental Health First Aid delivered by
Please contact: Email:  if you have any queries about the cost of this training or the content of the training, or you wish to receive a registration form.  
What is Youth Mental Health First Aid? Mental illnesses often start in adolescence or early adulthood and it is important to detect problems early to ensure a young person is properly  treated and supported. This YMHFA (Wales) course teaches adults who might have frequent contact with adolescents, (i.e. parents, guardians, school staff, sport coaches, youth workers, volunteers, club leaders) how to assist adolescents who are developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of a mental health problem or who are in a mental health crisis. We are able to offer this training at a very reasonable rate to individuals, organisations and charitable and public bodies.



Registration type COST per participant
Private sector £110 (£132 inc. VAT) *
Public sector £110 (£132 inc. VAT) *
Charity £95 (£114 inc, VAT) *
Other Community organisation (ie Community group etc) £40 (£48 inc. VAT) *
(Concessions are available-please email with your phone number with the subject line: “Pay what you can afford”  to  to discuss further)

* We are a registered Charity & Additional Donations are also always welcome



Registration W/C 6th Sept. 

Modules 1-3 (16 days to complete) 

Webinar 1 23rd Sept 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2 30th Sept 10am-12.30 


Registration W/C 4th Oct. 

Modules 1-3 (16 days to complete) 

Webinar 1 21st Oct 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2 28th Oct 10am-12.30 


Registration W/C 1st Nov  

Modules 1 -3 (16 days to complete) 

Webinar 1 18th Nov 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2  25th Nov 10am-12.30 


Registration W/C 22nd  

Modules 1 -3 (15 days to complete) 

Webinar 2 9th Dec 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2 16th Dec 10am-12.30 

January (Course code 0401 22)

Registration W/C 3rd Jan

Modules 1 -3 (16 days to complete) 

Webinar 1 20th Jan 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2 27th Jan 10am-12.3

February (Course code 240122)

Registration W/C 24th Jan  

Modules 1 -3 (15 days to complete) 

Webinar 1 10th Feb 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2 17th Feb 10am-12.3

March (Course code 280222)

Registration W/C 28th Feb 

Modules 1 -3 (15 days to complete) 

Webinar 1 17th Mar 10am-12.30 

Modules 4-6 

Webinar 2 24th Mar 10am-12.3

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