Finding Beauty in Decay

A news update from photographer DAVID WILSON…

An idea for a book has waited patiently in the back of my head as I completed other projects and now its time has come. The book of decay!
Travelling around Wales you can’t help but notice how the weather – not often Mediterranean – eats things. And I find the structures and objects that are being devoured utterly beguilling.
Other News

During 2019 I undertook a documentary project to record life in the village where I live. It was such a fulfilling year and the resultant book The Village will be published this November.

The Italian novelist Leonardo D’Onofrio wrote in Old Country, ‘Village life gently swirled around them, with the perpetual ebb and flow of people… The village was a living, organic entity, with blood flowing through its veins, and with a definite pulse and heartbeat.’



Photographer: David Wilson.

About David Wilson

My love of photography began when I bought my first camera aged seventeen.  I spent many carefree days riding around Pembrokeshire on my motorbike with my 35mm Canon and an ordnance survey map, learning to take photographs while exploring the coast and countryside.  Due to my habit of colliding with objects the motorbike is now history, but my passion for photography is as strong as ever.

The landscape of Pembrokeshire and Wales provides an idyllic playground for a black and white landscape photographer. In my work I seek to capture the country’s many different faces; the windswept coast of mid-winter, a derelict farm cottage, the faded grandeur of a rural chapel or the rugged contours of a mountain pass.  The story of Wales is told through its landscape and it is this narrative that I seek to capture in my work.




Kitty Parsons

Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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