Bus Service Changes for North Pembrokeshire

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We have been reading about the amalgamation of two North Pembrokeshire on-demand bus services, Bwcabws and Fflecsi Pembrokeshire which will have standard fares and an integrated booking procedure.

The move should make life easier for passengers who have been providing feedback about services for some time.

Passengers will be able to book via the Fflecsi App or by phone by using the Fflecsi Call Centre – 0300 234 0300.

The  four zones Fflecsi Pembrokeshire will be made up of  :

St Brides – covering the west coast from Little Haven up to St Davids, across to Trefin, down to Haverfordwest and then back across to Little Haven.

St Aidan – covering the north coast from St Davids to Lower Town Fishguard, down to Trecwn, across to Newgale and back up to St Davids.

Jemima – covering central north Pembrokeshire from Haverfordwest, up to Abercastle, across to Lower Town Fishguard and back down to Haverfordwest.

Bwcabus – covering central north Pembrokeshire from Castlemorris, across to Mynachlogddu, down to Llanycefn, across to Hayscastle Cross and back up to Castlemorris.

In addition, the  fixed Bwcabus routes will also be returning and can be used without prior booking:

642 (Crymych-Mynachlogddu-Llangolman-Rhosfach-Maenclochog-New Moat-Clarbeston Road to Haverfordwest) – Every Friday

643 (Puncheston-Little Newcastle-Ambleston-Wallis-Woodstock-Spittal to Haverfordwest) Every Monday and Friday

644 (Rosebush-Maenclochog-New Moat-Clarbeston Road to Haverfordwest) – Every Tuesday

645 (Trecwn-Puncheston-Little Newcastle-Letterston to Haverfordwest or Fishguard) – Every Thursday

Other improvements across the three Fflecsi zones will be a Saturday service throughout from 8.30am to 6.30pm and more services between midday and 1pm

In addition to weekly and monthly tickets for regular passengers, Fflecsi is introducing a 12-trip ticket which could be a great saving.

The app will show all the information about fixed bus services in one place.

Please contact Karel on pvtprojectcoordinator@gmail.com  if you are organising community groups or activities and need more information.

Also please note that the coastal bus service is now moving to the winter timetable but Fflecsi Pembrokeshire will continue with a six-days-a-week service throughout Northwest Pembrokeshire, covering the coastal areas Fishguard, around the St Davids area and Little Haven.

For more information please go to : www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/


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