Lucy Hinksman Says Lift Your Head Up

Photographer Lucy Hinksman has been talking to us about her recent exhibition in Haverfordwest at the VC Gallery…


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Lucy (centre) with artist Nina Camplin (left) and guests at her exhibition

“The theme of the exhibition was Lift Your Head Up,” said Lucy. “It’s about holding your head up, being proud of who I am, proud of the county I live in, also proud of the work I have achieved, and being able to share my work with a wider audience.

“The reason why I decided on this theme is because we have all had a difficult time through the pandemic. I had a lot of frustration and anxiety and was troubled, so I took the opportunity to go for a walk around my local town – it felt dark and empty, made Haverfordwest very different.

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“Lift Your Head Up to me is an expression that means you have to stay strong and not let a bad situation make you sad. When we are sad we tend to look down. So the message is: keep your head up, don’t be sad, don’t worry…

“As I lift my head up I take in my surroundings in my local area that perhaps I didn’t appreciate before lockdown, things that I wouldn’t have paid attention to. Lifting your head up raises your eyes to new possibilities and seeing things in a creative way.

“Having an exhibition is important to show my work, from the type of paper I print on to the way I present the final images. It gives me motivation for taking more photos, for taking creative photos. It is about trying new things and challenging myself – thinking outside the box. We all see things differently.”

You can contact Lucy Hinksman on Facebook.

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