Wanted: Mentors for Young People



POINT is now in the second year of its ‘Nurturing the Future’ project and is seeking new mentors to add to its Emotional Health and Wellbeing volunteer team.

Committed to developing a strong resilient community, POINT works to shares skills  and build cohesion across all ages and walks of life. There are also opportunities for young people to access POINT’s Mind Matters group which focuses on resilience building and support for low-level mental health issues such as self-harm, low mood and anxiety. Training in youth mental health first aid is on offer to frontline workers, volunteers, individuals and groups within the North Pembrokeshire community.

The new mentors for Nurturing the Future will be part of a service befriending young people.

POINT  has been working with the young people of North Pembrokeshire aged 11-25 to offer quality seamless mental health support from a large range of different platforms and partner organisations – benefiting young people, front-line workers, volunteers, groups and parents in the community.

A spokesperson from the service said: “Young people can continue to access our drop-in sessions which all have a focus on emotional and physical health and wellbeing. They can also make use of one-to-one counselling at our building from a trained counsellor with many years of experience working with children and young people.”

For more information on all of the above, see the POINT website: https://www.pointypt.org.uk/https-www-pointypt-org-uk-point-across-communities/).

Kitty Parsons

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