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 The British Pilgrimage Trust has a job vacancy that readers may be interested in…

Image from local photographer Brian Jackson


Job Vacancies


Pilgrimage Officer: County Wexford

Pilgrimage Officer: Pembrokeshire

Full time until July 2023, fixed term, but with the potential to become permanent.

Salary: c. €25,000 / c. £21,000 p.a.

Location: Home-based, with travel in Wexford or Pembrokeshire

Closing Date: 3 January 2022

Join our dedicated project team as one of two Pilgrimage Officers, and help us to develop and deliver the Way of Saints Aidan & David project.

This is a new programme funded by Ancient Connections and will connect Ferns in Wexford to St Davids in Pembrokeshire, with a modern reimagining of St Aidan of Ferns’ pilgrimage route. You will have a rare professional opportunity to inspire people, pilgrims, communities and businesses to access the benefits of pilgrimage. The route will create a lasting legacy for both of these remarkable pilgrim destinations by regenerating communities, attracting pilgrims and delivering a long-lasting modern cultural tradition.

We’re looking for two special people who know the area and its people well, to design and deliver a full and inspiring pilgrimage programme by engaging with people from all communities, and building community and volunteer-led action.

Purpose of the role:

To develop and deliver the Way of Saints Aidan & David Route project in either Wexford or Pembrokeshire. We are seeking highly motivated and effective individuals to work as part of our team, who will design and deliver a full and inspiring pilgrimage activity programme, engaging with people from all communities, and build community and volunteer-led action to establish and embed pilgrimage in communities along the route.

Key objectives

To ensure appropriate levels of infrastructure support along the route, such as essential facilities, path monitoring, waymarking etc.

To increase the numbers of pilgrims walking the route, including local communities, those from farther afield and a variety of backgrounds.

To deliver a strong level of benefit from pilgrimage, improving the holistic wellbeing of individuals within the community and ensuring a high quality of experience for visiting pilgrims.

To develop a volunteering programme to deliver core aspects of the project and act as local ambassadors for BPT and Pilgrim Paths Ireland.

To support fundraising initiatives by seizing opportunities as they arise, recruiting more Friends and generating new partnerships.

To develop and deliver a programme of successful community engagement that builds awareness and understanding about the project in the local community, enabling their active involvement in it.

To work with local community groups, stakeholders and existing projects, to undertake activities, consultation and campaigns that contribute towards the establishment of the route, the modern pilgrimage tradition and its communal benefits.

Contribute to community advocacy and the project legacy planning, enabling the local community to remain engaged and enthused about the project, its outcomes and empowered to continue pilgrimage activities in the long term.

About You

You will have a track record of successfully delivering projects, with an instinct for meaningful community engagement, relationship building and volunteering opportunities. Self-motivated and well organised, with a genuine passion for involving others in your work, you’ll take an innovative approach to overcoming challenges. You will be able to back this up with practical skills such as using a range of IT applications including WordPress, managing health and safety, and excellent project management. You will preferably know the area and its people well, and have an understanding and empathy with local culture, history, identity and language.


Closing date: 3 January 2022

Interviews will be held on the 13 and 14 January 2022

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Kitty Parsons

Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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