Grants on Offer for Schemes to Fight Climate Change

Transition Bro Gwaun

Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG) has worked on many projects since some concerned North Pembrokeshire people got active about climate change in 2007.

A grassroots organisation connected to the Global Transition Network, TBG has the purpose of moving communities towards a more sustainable future. Its projects aim to make the best use of the Earth’s resources, reduce waste and combat climate change.

Now TBG  is announcing its Community Climate Fund.

Chris Samra, a TBG trustee, told us that the community wind turbine just outside Fishguard has been producing clean, green energy for the past seven years. She said: “Having repaid the majority of the loans given to us by local people, we are now in a position to honour the promise we made to use the income for community and environmental benefit.  2022 will see £10,000 becoming available to set up a pilot scheme, providing a limited number of grants between £500 and £5,000. Applications will be assessed and selected by an independently chaired panel of local people.

“From 2023, annual income from the wind turbine will increase and the majority of this will go to the Community Climate Fund. We shall develop the scheme using experience from the pilot and be able to offer more – and some larger – grants.”

TBG will be giving the grants to local groups that are concerned about climate change and that want to set up practical projects to help move themselves and their community towards a greener, safer future.

Who can apply to the fund?

Chris said: “It’s open to groups of local people within the North Pembrokeshire area, with priority given to those based within a 10-mile radius of Fishguard and Goodwick. Grant applications will be welcomed from a wide range of organisations, including schools, youth groups, community councils, sports and activity groups, small local businesses, young people’s initiatives, faith groups, environmental groups – in fact, any group of people with a great idea and entrepreneurial drive.

“We are particularly keen to involve groups who are new to thinking about climate change projects and also young people who ultimately will be most affected by climate change issues.”

Applicants don’t need to be experts in climate or environmental issues, as TBG can help with obtaining specialist information and advice. If a group is not constituted, it can still apply either through the Community Forum or by constituting if successful.

The Wind Turbine


The fund will provide grants up to 100% of project costs, and can be for capital, revenue and core expenditure.

The grants can be used to develop any practical activity, however big or small, that aids de-carbonisation and biodiversity locally.

If you’re interested in setting up your own renewable energy system, TBG  has created a brief summary of support and resources.

Some of the possibilities for funding might include:

+ re-wilding an area

+ growing and selling more local food, reducing transport miles/emissions

+ promoting recycling, repairing and repurposing, using greener energy and reducing energy waste, or simply by making a group’s present activities more sustainable.

Applicants should note that preference will be given to initiatives that are visible to the community, engage local people, and highlight the need for urgent action on climate change. It will be important to demonstrate practical ways in which change can be achieved by local communities for both economic and environmental benefit.

Applications for the first round of funding are now open, the deadline is 1 April 2022.


For information about the fund and the application form, go to

If you have an idea for a project which you would like to discuss, you can visit  TBG’s  Farmers Market stall in Fishguard Town Hall (everySaturday, 9.30am–12 noon) or you can  invite TBG to meet with your group by emailing

TBG’s Community Climate Fund working group is: Tom Latter, Chris Samra, Kate Hawkins and Jasmine Dale – they will be pleased to provide information and advice.

Chris said: “We hope our fund will support a wide range of projects over the next few years and that we’ll increasingly see carbon reduction and biodiversity initiatives grow and prosper within our community. If other organisations or local people would like to join with us in supporting/funding such initiatives we would be delighted to hear from you.”




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