New Law Protects Kids in Wales



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So much has changed for children in my lifetime. When I was a child it was considered normal to be disciplined with a smack on the legs or a clip around the ear. Parents who did not wallop their kids were seen to be failing them with “Spare the rod and spoil the child” a common remark.

My early schooldays were often quite brutish and although I never actually did anything heinous enough to warrant the dreaded cane, it was an ever present threat.

I recall my son at about nine years old accusing me of unnatural cruelty late one night. I hadn’t laid a finger on him but he was insistent that he was going to phone Childline. I got the phone for him, assuring him that I had no problem with him telling them what an awful mother I was for expecting him to be in bed and asleep by now… it was 11.30pm and a school night.

Certainly, in the 68 years that I have been wandering around this planet, the appetite for physical punishment in the West, at least, seems to have waned but in Wales the new law forbidding physical punishment for children from 21 March 2022 is an historic moment.

It has been decided that smacking, hitting, slapping and shaking, or any other form of physical force, is no longer acceptable and that children will be given the same protection in law as any adult. You don’t have to live in Wales for this to apply. It is the same for visitors to the country, and breaking the law could mean being arrested and charged with assault. This could lead to a criminal record.

So, be warned. Hands off the children.


Kitty Parsons

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