Giant Protest Against Rwanda Plan

The following is a message from Artisan Avenue, based in Tenby…

One Nation’s Ideology, Tenby-based Artisan Avenue and Stand Up To Racism West Wales members have made a second attempt to deliver a giant postcard (6ft x4ft) to the UK government this autumn, this time via the Whitland office of local MP Simon Hart.

The first attempt, on 5 September, to the UK Home Office buildings in Cardiff, was to coincide with the start of a legal challenge being brought against the policy to deport some people claiming sanctuary to Rwanda, a country with an appalling human rights record.

Despite both first and second delivery attempts being met with locked doors, the group remain undeterred. Local artist Anna Waters explained: “We made a second delivery attempt to draw attention to the second legal challenge being brought against this policy – this time by Asylum Aid. The High Court will give its ruling on this, and the earlier challenge brought by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and others in September, at the same time.

The giant postcard is the result of A Hand in Protest, an online protest organised by Artisan Avenue. It invited members of its small social media audience to express how they felt about the Rwanda plan, within online drawings of their own hands for inclusion in the postcard. More than 40 participants submitted “hands in protest”, a substantial number choosing to remain anonymous.

Time, finance, geography, accessibility and fear factors can all place restraints on people protesting in person at organised events. “We wanted to create another avenue to allow people to have their voices heard,” said Anna. “Those of us who do protest in person have appreciated the extended solidarity from those who are unable to, and we’ll continue to create avenues for all to protest against policies which run counter to our ideology in Wales.

Anna has stated that, in her opinion, enforced transportation of vulnerable people thousands of miles against
their will reeks of our colonial past and far-right-wing dictatorships: only the establishment of safe legal routes for claiming asylum in the UK will bring an end to the channel drownings and illegal actions of people smugglers.

The group is continuing its work and can be followed on its Facebook page for Stand Up To Racism West Wales where details of other forms of protest will be published. More info can also be found at

Latest details are in the poster below.

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