Animals and the Trust Technique – with Christine Evans

I recently called upon CHRISTINE EVANS to help with my two rescue cats who are not getting on. I was so impressed I asked her to share what she does… 

The Trust Technique – a summary from Christine Evans

The Trust Technique is a lovely way of creating a peaceful relationship with animals. It recognises that animals are
very sensitive, and that humans and animals share feelings. The 4 Ps of the Trust Technique are Peace, Patience
and Persistence, in the light of Purpose.

Your practice sessions with your animal will be based on creative reaction – the animal reacts to the feeling of
peace of mind that you are creating, by letting go little by little of its thinking. The key message is: ‘Right now you
can be peaceful’. Peace and un-peace cannot be in the same place, so to become peaceful the animal will have to
let go of its un-peace/over-thinking. Then some realisation learning will take place – it means that the animal will
self-learn. By looking at a situation with a peaceful mind, the animal will see it in a different way and realise that
they do not need to react the way they reacted before. It will recondition their behaviour. The animal soon
becomes aware that it is the person making them feel peaceful, so it will deepen the relationship and bring more
trust and confidence.

How does the Trust Technique work?
To be able to hear and understand us, animals need to have a quiet mind. The Trust Technique relies on the
present moment – a place of non-thinking which creates a state of peace of mind. It is crucial to go at the animal’s
pace, hence the need for mindful regard, as if we push them too fast, they will not trust us. Mindful regard shows
the animals that we are truly listening to them (on a feeling level, without agenda), and that we take their opinion
into account. It allows the person to become more sensitive and intuitive.

Getting present (a place of authenticity)
The present moment = ‘right here, right now’. To get present, concentrate on a spot near the animal (quite close
to them so you can see them in your peripheral vision). Keep your body completely still and your attention fully
focused on the spot (you can also use a background noise like a clock ticking to help you stay in the present
moment). If thoughts come to your mind, let them pass and do not engage in thinking (tell yourself ‘that’s OK’).

Mindful regard (listening, on a feeling level)
Without mindful regard, the present moment will not work. Mindful regard is working at the animal’s pace
(always!). If the animal’s thinking goes up, stop being present and observe the animal (your thinking level should
match theirs). Wait until their thinking comes down, and only then get present again. Keep repeating that
process, their level of thinking will reduce more and more, and they will become more and more peaceful (and
you too). Watch out for signs of anxiety coming up to the surface (agitation, itching, whining), and then release
(yawning, big sigh, getting sleepy). Licking/chewing indicates that the animal is accepting the feeling of peace.
You should avoid speaking to the animal or touching them during the session (it will increase their thinking), but
at the end you can thank them and say ‘well done’ with a quiet voice.

You can start watching the Messages of Trust for free on:
Any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call – 07532 456980.

My name is Christine and I am an Ofqual accredited Trust Technique practitioner. I am based in Pembrokeshire in West Wales, and I carry out Trust Technique consultations (in English or French) in person or indeed anywhere in the world thanks to the wonders of modern technology (provided you benefit from a good internet connection).

Animals are just like us, they share the same feelings, fears and emotions. Discovering and training with the Trust Technique has been an amazing process. I feel very grateful to be able to assist in many different situations with this mindful approach which supports animals whilst highlighting the importance of the animal-human relationship.



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