Care Improvements Promised

Image from Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

With services severely stretched and waiting lists seeming to grow longer all the time it must be good news that the Welsh Government is to invest up to £30m to deliver more support in the community to reduce the time people spend in hospitals.

Plans to strengthen local care services have been worked out by Minister for Health and Social Services Eluned Morgan and Deputy Minister for Social Services Julie Morgan in an attempt to avoid the kind of pressures on the health and care services experienced in winter 2022/23.

The Welsh Government says it is hoped that, by building on the 670 extra community beds delivered this winter, the funds will give more people an opportunity of living at home independently; this will be achieved by increasing the use of technology, and redeploying both staff and resources where it is possible for people to remain in their own homes and recover safely.

The added advantage, it says, will be the identification of issues that could become more serious, and the reduction of hospital admissions, reducing pressure on hospital beds

The long-term vision for strengthening social care will be announced later this year and is expected to help in the following ways:

1 Deliver thousands of extra hours of re-ablement services across the country – providing an alternative to hospital admission so people can recover at home rather than staying in hospital,

2  Recruitment of more community workers to advise on support and services to help people lead independent lives;

3 By the winter of 2024 every local authority will have Technology Enabled Care (TEC).

4 Availability of community nursing to increase across Wales,

5 An increase of specialist nurses available overnight.

6 Individual care plan to be created for those identified as most at risk for urgent care,

Let’s hope that these measures do make a difference to services.

Kitty Parsons

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