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Here is the programme for the inaugural Attic International Film Festival – it looks a real treat for film fans. The Attic Theatre is at Cawdor Hall, Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AF.

The organisers say:

“Over the weekend of 13-15 October, we will be showing work by over 50 Independent film makers based in 11 countries.

“The directors of the festival – Carole, Melanie, Pete and Glenn – are all fans of movies and have become particularly drawn to the medium of short films – often a more rewarding viewing experience than their larger, commercially produced counterparts.

“Short film today is most commonly encountered as a supplementary to music. We live in a time when the music video has truly come of age, bestriding our visual media with a sophisticated swagger. Though many short narrative films adopt an actual or near ‘real time’ frame, to relate a correspondingly brief story, many will negotiate themes which larger, commercial moviemakers take 90-120 minutes to express. Like the short story in literature, there is a particular skill set which comes into play when a film has to convey it’s story in less than 20 minutes.

“Please be advised that, though the films presented carry no certification, this festival is aimed at an adult – 16+ – audience. Some videos contain violence, sexual references and content and language unsuitable for unaccompanied young people.

“Each session is divided into screening blocks each with a running time of about 50 minutes. Each block may contain music video, documentary, animation and drama in order to change mood and alter the subject focus across the event. Sessions will be separated by intervals of about 15 minutes, during which refreshments will be available in the pop-up rehearsal studio cafe. The programme lists the title of the film, the director, country of origin and the running time.”

Friday Evening  7-10pm

The Rose    UK   Hilary Campilan 4m 11s

 Hacked  Ireland James Vincent  12m 5s

 Interception  USA Safiya Songhai  15m

 As You Wish  UK  Valerie Goriaeva  12m26s

 Summiting the Mind   Wales Alex Langley 30m

 The Greek Accusative Ireland  Sean O’Deadaigh 15m 11s

 Bubble  Wales  Luke Andrews  14m 51s

 Something Weird; Something Strange. three excepts  UK Geoff Woodbridge 16m 16s

 Clone  USA Ryan M. Kennedy  19m 45s


Saturday Afternoon 2-5.30pm

Kaveh’s Heart  UK Carolyn Edwards/Phil Moody  4m 22s

 State of Consciousness  UK. Emma Saunders  4m 37s

 Toothdad  UK Dave Stephens. 10m 44s

 Naturewise Community Forest Garden Wales Caroline Juler  18m 50s

Common as Red Hair USA  Robbie Robertson  15m

A Dinner  USA Jack Gorman, Shannon Walsh 9m 53s

Let Her Sing USA Siamak Dehghanpour  22m19s

Mitching  Wales Evan L. Barker  6m 35s

A Haiku to My Mind via Limerick  Ireland Jonny Farrelly  7m 22s

Scratch   UK Liam Steers/James Club. 7m 1s

Brenda’s Wisdom  Wales Melanie Davies [n.i.c].  5m 39s

 Star 13  Northern Ireland Philip Henry 6m 08s

Everything Looks Better in the Sunshine Ireland 

Mark Smyth/ Johnathan Farelly  12m37s

We Are Still Here  Wales Rowan Flynn  3m 44s

We’ve Come a Long Way England Chris Avis 16m 3s

Shadows  Iran  Mohadeseh Asahi Zadeh  4m 13s


Saturday Evening 6.30-10pm

Death of Dreams  UK Andrew Rowley  4m 2s

The Grotto of Death  Mexico Christopher Sperandio/Brian Huberman/Augusto Mora 15m49s

Our Home the Sea  Wales  Mared Rees  10m 19s

Y Wers Olaf Wales Ieuan Jones  16m 28s

 Room 103: Eight Short Tributes to Orwell  UK  Sonia Boué/Kerry Baldry/ Emma Saunders/Kath Wilkinson/Glenn Ibbitson/Paul Steffan Jones[n.i.c].  21m 47s

 Archive and the Storyteller  USA Natasha Marie Rivera  19m25s

thoughtpolice 4891  Wales  Attic Theatre [n.i.c].  12m45s

Quiche isn’t Sexy Wales  Louise Weldon [n.i.c] 3m37s

Green Man Moth  UK  Lois Cordelia Bulow-Osborne  10m

Eye Love You USA Sofia Parisotto  4m49

Songs from Next Door.  UK  Edwards/Phil Moody  10m 10s

Write Off  England Emma Morley  14m 51s

One minute Time Machine USA Devon Avery  5m 40s


Sunday Afternoon. 2-6pm

Stay Calm News Wales Evie Weldon/Matthew Thompson [n.i.c]  5m 16s

A Few Strands of Hair Iran Shahin Jabbarzadeh  7m 59s

Pastry  UK Eduardo Barreto  12m 43s

Carreg Coast Wales  Tim Wickenden  19m

Who is God   Mexico Oscar Adan Lopez Parres  3m 5s

[Martyn Monologue]. Wales Martyn Buck [n.i.c]  2m 39s

Hunting Bears  England Jason Ruddy  10m 27s

A Gathering Tide  Wales Gilly Booth/ Bronwen Gwillim 18m 54s

Dirty Work England Toby Davies [n.i.c]  17m 1s

Don’t Choke  England Sonny Baez  24m21s

The Swan with Broken Lungs  UK Sean Rhys-James  10m 24s

Ava  Brazil Stella Brajterman  15m13s

Kite  China Olivier Hero Dressen  15m

Vax  USA Barak Shpiez  12m 34s

The Trash Man. USA  Milan Smith  9m 30s

A Tree Once Grew Here USA Johnnie Semerad  6m 50s



Kitty Parsons

Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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