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WWLD show out and about

James Tyler has been telling us about WWLD (the West Wales Learning Disability show).

The project started two years ago – you can find older episodes on Spotify, and the team now post every other week on YouTube.

James told us: “The aim was to give people with learning disabilities a voice, as we couldn’t find any presenters on the radio who either had a learning disability or seemed aware of some of our needs. I talked to Assist My Life and they supported us to get going with realising my ambition to be a presenter.”

The AssistMyLife app is said to be designed to improve and enhance life for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and autism.

Getting together with Sam Hall and James Dash, the team started making podcasts, interviewing people and inviting guests.

“We wanted an ‘easy read’ way of presenting information, something that got away from the jargon. We interviewed people like the VC Gallery who work mainly with art projects to try to ease isolation. We also worked with organisations like Pembrokeshire County Council Housing and many others. We reached out to services that would be of interest to our community.

Sam Hall, presenter at WWLD

Initially receiving some training from PLANED (Partnerships for Local Action and Networks for Enterprise and Development), the team worked with the good advice they received. James said: “Working at Pembrokeshire county show in 2022 was a huge boost for us.”

Currently there are two potential documentaries being edited. The first is about the Pembrokeshire Vikings, a mixed-ability rugby team. The second is a film made in Carmarthen recently.

The skills of the team have grown magnificently in film-making, presenting and newsreading, and James is excited by the direction they are now taking. “We want to start filming for groups and businesses,” he said.

Funding from the Welsh Government, which has been a major help, is about to run out, so the team want to see if they can fund the project themselves by offering their skills and services to business and other projects.

“Not only are we looking for opportunities for funding,” James said, “but we are also seeking outgoing people with learning difficulties who are 18-plus and who fancy becoming presenters to join the team. Any suggestion as to guests we can interview is also very welcome.”

James Tyler, presenter at WWLD

For podcasts you can follow the link and subscribe:

AssistMyLife: https://assistmylife.wales/.



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