Visions of Beauty


Artist Caroline Ward says she is proud to have been born in beautiful Pembrokeshire.

Working abroad as a nanny between 1974 and 1986 gave her opportunities to travel but she has only been painting as a hobby since 2017.


She says: “I have enjoyed experimenting with inks, acrylic and mixed media, I also use flow medium. All of my exhibits are original and personal interpretation of the subject.”

She says she enjoys drawing and had always been inspired by the shapes and colours all about us, though it was attending a class run by artist Hazel Morris that gave her the confidence to express her creativity in many different ways. She has exhibited in a number of places.

How does she spend her time when she isn’t making art?

“My two dogs dogs, Betty and Bertie, love their walks and I really enjoy being in the garden or in my craft room.”

We are grateful to Caroline for sharing some of her delightful work with us.

Please note that the images displayed here are the property of the artist and are not to be reproduced without her express permission.




Kitty Parsons

Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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