A Red Kite, But No Osprey.

red kite


(dedicated to Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita…and the Dyfi Osprey Project)

(The music, like the birds itself
Above the Dyfi Estuary,
and over the mangroves
fumbling their way to the
Isle de Palétuviere
as the pirogues drift down glassy water
and a pelican dominates the jetty.)

In Pembrokeshire,
a red kite
eddying the cloudless sky
imperious above our crop dusted fields
might spy
siskin, finch, wood pigeon
a thrush, jack hammering a snail
between two stone dogs
keeping their green mossed vigil.
A young jackdaw
striking a cormorant pose
bewitched by the chimney
beating time on the ridge tiles.

(It’s hot, this year)

There are swallows skimming
and Amazons at sail in the bay
muted blue below

(and the harp still swoons
and the kora
flying fingered fishing line
rocks a gentle rhythm
whilst I am at sea
in a pyjama striped hammock)

Blue tits, dipping for water
in the stone bird bath
that celebrates a golden grand-parented wedding
of 50 years ago.

red kite in flight

There are lilies blooming
amidst the dying embers of foxglove
and jasmine perfume teasing
romping in a green gaged balloon of bush
St John’s Wort in full throttle
And pink flushed, sunset resplendent
oliander, a whisper of Greece
and the road to Milapotamos
that we took
so long ago.

(and the opsrey, Dinas, fledges
takes fleeting, freewheeling flight
and feels Wales on its wings
maybe anticipates
instinct, deep chested and hidden
Senegal sunshine
fat flowing river
sea hawk’s delight)

The honeysuckle is draped
and honeyed
whilst the weather vane is stilled
the umbrella stifled with gaffer tape mends
no breeze
no sirocco
blowing the wind southerly
from Africa
to lighten the atmosphere.

(but, no fear
for the music still plays,
swaying, stirring, evoking
the sea,
Dinas Head
Morfa Head
and the Land of Song beyond
still here
still here.)


Marc Mordey

Marc Mordey lives in Newport, Pembrokeshire, in a house overlooking the sea. Many of his poems are inspired by place, a sense of landscape. Also by his perspectives on living, loving and losing, as well as the impact of contemporary events, both political and social. Marc has published one collection of poetry, Marcism Today. Marc has a poetry blog, http://themarcistagenda.wordpress.com

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