About Us

Pembrokeshire.Online is an online magazine designed to promote everything to do with the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire. It is run by a small band of volunteers, who produce everything freely on a more or less daily basis. We are currently a team of three administrators, Nigel Summerley, who has recently retired from his full time career in editing and journalism, Tim Wickenden, a Pembrokeshire author with a number of exciting books under his belt, and Kitty Parsons, who is just delighted to be able to say she lives in this delightful county . The magazine is kept alive by ourselves and regular and occasional contributions from photographers, artists, writers, and so many more. We are always on the lookout for new stories , new contributions and people to interview who have a story to tell. The only condition is that there is some connection with this lovely county of Pembrokshire. Please feel free to visit/bookmark our website: pembrokeshire.online or you can find us on Facebook or Twitter. You may email Kitty on speaktofish@gmail.com for more information.