Guidelines for Submissions


1.   There will be no payment for submissions unless agreed prior to submissions.

2.   All submissions will go through an editing process and may be published in a shortened or altered form at the editor’s discretion.

3.   All submissions, in their original form, remain the intellectual property of their creator. However, once published the creator of the submission cannot insist upon the item being removed from the magazine.

4.   The Editorial team reserves the right to reject a submission at any time, even if that submission was requested by the magazine. Submission is not a guarantee that it will appear in the magazine. We are not required to enter into correspondence regarding submissions but will endeavour to do so if a request is made in writing.

5.   If the magazine is in a position to pay expenses we will explain the process

6.   If expenses are to be paid this will be agreed in advance of any work being undertaken and claims should be submitted on our forms with appropriate receipts.