Author: Kitty Parsons

In love with the sea, gifted with an almost superhuman ability to bring chaos into order. Mostly tired and often to be found hibernating through the winter on the sofa, and bobbing about in the ocean in summer.

Deb Winter and friends

The Fire Maker with Deb Winter and Tinc y Tannau.

I am not the only person to have been inspired and delighted by the many skills of Deb Winter. We first met in Bristol some years ago on a writing workshop that she was facilitating near my home. I was pleased to find her here in Pembrokeshire when I finally made the move myself. I […]

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support meeting

New Fibromyalgia Support Group in Pembrokeshire.

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms as diverse and individual as the person challenged by the condition. When I met up with Giselle Barton, otherwise known as Chisel to her friends and family, we talked about what Fibromyalgia means to the people who have […]

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original by Andrew Bailey


On a sweltering hot day in the glorious summer I have found a cool place to sit with the very knowledgeable Helen Evans who is an Archive and Local Studies Assistant at Pembrokeshire Archives and Local Studies,Haverfordwest. Originally the archives were held at the Castle. Local Studies used to be in the old Haverfordwest Library. […]

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Pembrokeshire Community Connector

Community Connector:Julie Campbell.

I have been hearing good things about Pembrokeshire Community Connectors for some time now so I was delighted to meet with Julie Campbell who is herself Community Connector covering an area that incorporates Solva, St Davids, Fishguard and Crymych, up to the Ceredigion border. That’s a big area for one person. Julie agrees, “It is […]

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Sculpt the World

Sculpt the World.

With Jon Foreman. I was fortunate, recently, to spend an hour with Jon Foreman, Land Artist. We talked about his life and work and I thought you might like to share in our conversation. Tell me about your background, Jon? I’ve lived in Pembrokeshire since the age of about 7. I went to school in […]

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We have just received the latest news from the REMAKERY, a unique project and the first of its kind in Wales. A community interest company REMAKERY’s aim is to re-educate the local community in repair and mend and they are working towards a zero-waste living planet. “We deliver free repair café events, offer exclusive facilitator […]

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clothes rails

The Dress Agency Comes to Newport.

You may have met Jude Preston at Fishguard market on a Thursday, or at one of the many markets around Pembrokeshire. She is causing quite a stir with her vast collection of designer labels at very affordable prices. Jude and her  husband had spent many childhood holidays in Pembrokeshire, long before they met. After their […]

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St Govan's cove

Legends of Wales : Saint Govan.

Wales is rich in legends, and we have our fair share of saints. I have imagined here, in this prose /poem  the tale of Saint  Govan, who might have been the knight Gawain, or a beggar, or a thief ,in his life prior to his arriving in the place where his chapel is a place […]

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Amanda Clifford

Amanda Clifford: Homeopathy Works.

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the belief that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people. It is a form of medicine that some people claim acts as a placebo, and has […]

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Naked gardening day

Naked Gardening Day Is Here Again.

Oh dear, if you are easily offended , look the other way now, lock up your daughters, and your sons, and stay away from the garden centre. Yes it’s THAT day again, May the 4th already and this year 2019 it’s the fourteenth annual “World Naked Gardening Day.” Of course, if you easily connect with […]

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