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Author: Jim Saul

With many years gardening experience in the UK and in France, Jim is now discovering the unique challenges and wonders of gardening in Pembrokeshire. This horticultural expert likes photography, cricket, antiques, walking , music, charity shops, animals, birds, women – not necessarily in that order! Jim works around Pembrokeshire keeping local gardens in order.


The Gardening Year in Pembrokeshire.

January. This month is a quiet time in the garden  so time to get into the shed, outbuildings or greenhouse and give them a good tidy. Clean spades, forks, rakes and give them all a good oiling; clean all the empty pots with a weak solution of household bleach or detergent with a stiff brush. […]

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Summer at llwyngarreg

Pembrokeshire Gardens.

Review of the Year. I didn’t realise Pembrokeshire Online had been to so many gardens this year! Pembrokeshire does have plenty of gardens and woodlands if folks would only take time to visit them. It was a special spring in 2018 as we enjoyed wall-to-wall sun in May, June and well into July  – got […]

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