Author: Sarah Wint

Sarah Wint has been gardening for 24 years and is still learning. In 2015 she toured the country in her old campervan ‘Daisybus’ visiting gardens and finding stories about how gardens have affected people’s lives which she tells in the book ‘Sunshine Over Clover – Gardens of Wellbeing’. In 2016 Sarah and her husband, ecologist William, moved to the St Davids Peninsula and started making another garden.

Colours of Glyn Bach

Glyn Bach gardens

Pembrokeshire Perfection Sometimes we visit a garden that just makes us wonder why we bother. A place so well planted and tended that we realise just what inept amateurs we really are. If it wasn’t such fun getting it all wrong, we’d give up and start stamp collecting or something. The reality is, as in […]

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Statue in garden at Treffgarne

Greenacres and Treffgarne Hall – gardens of Pembrokeshire

In 1926 Miss Elsie Wagg suggested to her fellow members of the Queen’s Nursing Institute that they ask their wealthy landowning friends to open their gardens to the public, to raise money for the charity that had been funding district nurses since it was started by William Rathbone and Florence Nightingale in the late 1880s. […]

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Gardens for Good

Checking our passports were in order we ventured across the border to Carmarthenshire to see what gardens might lie in that vast green wilderness…..So near and yet so far from Pembrokeshire in appearance and, I suspect, lifestyle.  Pembrokeshire can hardly be called busy but if you really want to get away from it all Carmarthenshire […]

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Pulling Together in Tenby & Moylegrove Gardens

So many people have been inspired by their parents or grandparents to become gardeners.  Memories of happy times in previous family gardens often influence, sometimes subliminally, how we make our own gardens and even give us a feeling of continuing the family traditions.  I, for instance, couldn’t not grow sweet peas and runner beans every […]

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April Gardens.

One of the things that interests me most about gardening is why people do it. It is now an undisputed fact that gardening is good for you, but the reasons it is good for you vary and there are many weird and wonderful reasons so many people are happy to spend their spare time getting […]

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Sarah with Daisy and Ellie


This year Sarah will be visiting and writing about privately owned gardens that open their gates to raise money for charity. She’ll be sharing what we can learn from garden visiting – something she describes of as our most leisurely national sport. Sarah also offers an affordable and holistic garden design service through which she […]

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The Heralds of Spring.

Daffodils. They say gardening teaches patience and it must be true because I am on the whole a fairly impatient person. Once I’ve had an idea I want to crack on with it and get it up and running. If things drag because of boring practicalities I run out of steam and move on to […]

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Like the Milkman.

Like the milkman, the snowdrops arrive bright and early. With a stretch of imagination you can even see the similarity in looks – if you’ve got a long lanky green milkman holding his arms out to the side with a bottle of milk in his hands. Back in rural Worcestershire we were lucky to still […]

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