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Pembrokeshire CBD centre opened in December 2018. The venture was started by Rowan Bailey, Adam Edgerley, Joe Thompson, and Andrew Sutton but non of them were expecting the massive success it would become very quickly.

The men came together because of their interest in the possible medical benefits of Cannabidiol aka CBD. Rowan has his own media and production company, RTBaileyMedia but the others were already involved in vape franchising consisting of 5 shops across Pembrokeshire.

CBD , or  Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid. It’s a product that is made from the Cannabis plant. and preliminary studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain shows it can be very effective in relieving symptoms.

When I met with Rowan he told me that this is a very new industry and that he is legally bound not to provide medical advice.

“I can’t tell people it will work for them but it certainly worked for me. I had a trapped nerve in my shoulder. I experienced side effects with the drugs I was prescribed so I did my own research and found it very effective.”

Rowan goes on to explain that the body produces our own cannabinoids which are effective in maintaining health by interacting with various receptors in our bodies

“Large part of what we do is educate people. When we opened we expected a lot of young people. We were surprised to find that our first customers were people in their  forties and upward”

What problems do people come to you about?

“ The most common issues  are  about pain relief, how to improve sleep, and anxiety. We soon realised that many of our customers have  M.S. Fibromyalgia  and cancers. Although we legally cannot cite any benefits for these issues personally, many customers have done their own research from accredited studies or have heard from friends/ family about how CBD has helped and want to try and alternative to the prescription medicines they’ve been supplied. Whether that’s because of the addictive nature of the prescriptions or because they haven’t been working effectively for them.

The team took their customers enquiries and concerns very seriously and researched how best to offer support. Based on their work they have now created their own brand of products. We did this by working with local support groups to see what products worked well for them and what didn’t. Then used that feedback to develop our own products that were not only of a better quality but longer lasting and competitively priced.”     

“It’s difficult for people buying CBD products to ensure quality Our brand INFINITY CBD are made to the highest standard. We put our products through the strict safety assessments and testing to ensure that they are legally compliant and safe to use. At the moment there are a lot of companies or individuals making products that aren’t legally compliant in terms of the CBD content and worse yet a lot of products that haven’t passed the necessary safety assessments. Although it was very costly and time consuming we want to ensure everything we make is safe and legal. We are here for the long haul and not in it to make a quick profit.”

Rowan adds , “ We want people to have the best information possible so If anyone is in any doubt about buying a product we will be very happy to answer their questions. We don’t mind someone coming in when they have bought a product on-line or elsewhere. We are happy to  advise on using those products properly.”

 “There are different forms of CBD and different compounds within extracts that also have benefits. So there can be widely different effects depending on the source of CBD. This means that some people are over spending on an inferior product, or using a product that isn’t suitable and not getting the desired results.”

What sort of items does the CBD shop have for sale?

“Our best selling items are pain salve, moisturisers and CBD honey. People can try the CBD honey in coffee in the shop. We also sell Calm Sticks which are a roll on with lavender and peppermint. Lots of our customers report that they carry it everywhere and that it helps with anxiety.”

Rowan says that they are delighted at the success of INFINITY CBD and of Pembrokeshire CBD Centre and have just opened another branch in Carmarthen. They have been approached by Spa’s and distributors from all over the world. They now have over thirty of their own products for sale, all created in their own laboratories and rigorously tested.

The team have also bought the Creative Common Coffee shop and Co Working Space in Haverfordwest, From July you will be able to relax there sampling infused food item and C B D coffee .

“We pride ourselves on giving the best possible advice and support to our customers. We believe this is just the beginning for CBD, but we must stress, we can only advise people based on the results of our customers. We would suggest you talk to some of them to hear what they have to say.”

Thanks Rowan.

 I put up a message on the Fibromyalgia page on Facebook as a lot of people experiencing Fibromyalgia are using or have tried CBD products.

Lindsey Bowen said “I find the honey sticks brilliant at aiding quality sleep, and also brilliant at getting rid of headaches . I  can’t wait to try more products , I tried the Natures Balm for a headache and pain in my wrists which also helped.”

Emma Dawes was more cautious. “I use my Forever Heat lotion and MSM for bone and muscle pain and they’re the only combo that gives me relief. The CBD balm I bought came in a tiny pot that even if it had worked, I would have needed so much of it wouldn’t last me 2 days. Its great it can work for some people but it doesn’t work for everyone.”

Tillie Mobbs also found CBD helpful but found the cost prohibitive.

Chisel Barton ,the organizer of a fibromyalgia support  group  told me that she finds CBD invaluable. She carries the Roller Ball Calm Stick everywhere.

Has CBD worked for you? Do you have a story to tell? Let us know here at www.pembrokeshire.online.

Check out the Pembrokeshire CBD page for some other reviews.

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