Carole King: Artist and Book Binder.

I have been wanting to talk with artist Carole King for some time but something just kept getting in the way. When we finally managed to hook up for an interview I asked her about her background. Does she come from a creative family?

 “I was born in Chelmsford, Essex ,” she tells me, “and yes,  I grew up in a creative family.”

Encouraged in lots of skills such as dressmaking and cooking and other crafty activities, her parents made and performed with marionettes, creating their own shows.

“They were both fine modelmakers. My father made working model steam engines ( which I also drove until a few years ago) and my mother created working models, such as a victorian nursery.”

Carole went on to train as a teacher at Homerton College, Cambridge, teaching in various schools in the south east for about 10 years before studying for her Fine art degree as a mature student.

 What brought you to Wales?

“We moved to Wales in 2004 in order to find somewhere quieter, closer to the country, and where we could afford a property with outbuildings/studio space in which to work. We love being near to the sea but away from a city, with space to grow and enjoy the wildlife. I have worked as a professional artist since coming here.”

How would she describe what she does?

Carole’s Books

“ I am a binder of books and journals for artists, writers and paperholics, and a painter and printmaker.

Do you have a working routine?

“I spend time in the studio most days but there is always a lot of other work involved in running a creative business- form filling, deliveries, updating websites, applications- the list goes on.”

What does she do with her time when she isn’t working?

“We keep bees and during the summer months I will often be found in the veg patch. I also love to walk pretty much anywhere on the coast but a favourite part is a walk from Porthgain to Abereidy. I love investigating rockpools- hence the seaweed paintings and all bits of industrial archaeology.”

I ask about her courses because I see them advertised on Facebook and every intention of signing myself up when I can find a space in the day. She teaches bookbinding and makes it look easy.

Carole’s Books

“The bookbinding is a regular event with Make it in Wales at Studio 3 in Cardigan- where she teaches how to create casebound books with a fabric binding.  She also makes boxes of  ‘Mini books’

Carole’s next market is The Christmas Art and Makers Market in Sunny Bank Mills, Yorkshire on the 30th November and the 1st December 2019. You will need to travel for this but the details are on her website.

“I have had a busy few months,” she tells me, and coming up including a Christmas Makers Market at Sunny Bank Mills in Yorkshire, closely followed by the Square Pegs event at Cardigan Guildhall in early December.

Where can people find your work? has a shop


 and for 2d work

 and several local galleries- see website.

I ask if Carole takes commissions?

 “Yes definitely” she says, “ just ask for details.”

Print Making

What people have said about Carole’s courses.

“Very good value course. The book I produced was really good, even though I say so myself. Lunch was really yummy.” – Julie

“Great day yet again. Many thanks to you all. I feel I have achieved and learnt a lot today.” – Sue

“I had a brilliant time today and was pleased with the book I made, roll on the next workshop!” – Louise

“Was a fun day, learning a new skill, in a great venue, good food and a very good teacher notes that went with the course are well written.” – Karen

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