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Mary Jane - new single

New Single release by Rosey Cale.

Catching up with Rosey Cale… Pembrokeshire born singer and actress Rosey Cale has been playing guitar and writing since the age of 19 and was brought up in a very musical family who always used to sing and perform around the house. She sang in a number of choirs when growing up and is something […]

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seal sculpture

Chris Crane: Inspired by Nature.

Chris Crane spent his early childhood years playing in and around the river Kendal in the Lake District. He attributes being immersed in the natural world in his formative years to the love of nature that inspires his work now. Always creative, he attended the Lancaster School of Art and went on the obtain a […]

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One Morning in Spring by Naomi Tydeman


Another beautiful poem from our Poet Marc Mordey. In celebration of Spring: SPRING DRIVEN THING. It’s a spring like day And we are walking Three dogs, you and I In Pengelly woods Marvelling at the cathedral of trees Stepping through the quickening stems of wild garlic and of Bluebells, pushing up promises There’s a rough […]

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Hayseed Dixie

Hayseed Dixie.

At the Queens Hall 6th March 2019. Hayseed Dixie is an American bluegrass band hailing from the Appalachian Mountains. The band has gained a huge following worldwide with hit singles and vibrant live performances. Their first album was released in 2001 and called ‘A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC’. In a sentence that tells you they […]

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Pembrokeshire skies

Betty, elemental.

A Poem from Marc Mordey  A good friend of ours, Betty Hill, died recently. We went to her funeral service (as the Easterly wind snapped and bit its way into West Wales)  and the following quote, which she had chosen, was shared : ‘Total annihilation is impossible.We are the prisoners of an infinity without outlet, […]

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In Crete we dreamed in blue.

We had a holiday in Crete a little while back. The sea and sky were as blue as can be. The greens were equally intense. The kingfisher combined all these colours. The sunsets bled into the sea. Helen and I met on a Greek Island, Kythira, when she was teaching creative writing. I was one […]

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little girl

Seaview Stories.

A Winters Tale:  In which we find out the secret of Penelope’s heart and some little people find their way to turn  both Monty and Ruby’s lives upside down.   It was Penelope who first noticed that ‘Sea Mist’ was occupied. It was a bitterly cold December day. Not at all the kind of weather […]

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Lovers in moonlight

Dwynwen, the Princess of Lovers.

The Welsh Valentine. There’s not much to tell really of my early life. Certainly no one could have predicted what would happen. Princess I was, but one among 24 daughters. In our busy household no one would have said I stood out. Not the prettiest , not the cleverest, not  by a long way. Certainly […]

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Travelling Sideways

Travelling Sideways.

New book released by local author, Clive Ousley. Our Music and Gigs correspondent, Clive Ousley, has just released his latest Sci-Fi book – a real treat for fans and new readers alike! Here is my interview with him:- When did you first start reading SF? I remember an English class at primary school where the […]

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An inspiring gift for Pembrokeshire’s schools.

Two local charities are helping Pembrokeshire’s primary schools to connect their pupils with the natural world. The Friends of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the West Wales Children’s Book Group have worked together to provide a copy of The Lost Words, the book by Robert Macfarlane and local artist Jackie Morris, for each of the […]

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