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happy group of people

Setting the Voice Free with Briony Greenhill.

It was with great pleasure and a little frisson of fear that I made my way to Nevern village Hall recently for Briony Greenhill’s voice improvisation workshop. Why fear? Well many of us have some childhood experience of being told we can’t sing and some of us know are voices are not as good as […]

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old man and little baby

My grandfather’s watch.

Just lately, I’ve been wearing my grandfather’s watch. It’s nothing fancy, a Seiko, battery run, sporting a strap I bought (which came from Hong Kong) with the green and blues of Pembroke College. Seemed appropriate to somehow acknowledge where I, and it, have found ourselves, latterly. One thing I love about it? The days of […]

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In the old days, before even our great great great grandfathers were born, back further than any living person can remember, back when the world was green and fresh and Wales was even more mysterious than it is now, there were giants. Actually, there were many strange and wonderful creatures that either no longer exist, […]

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the ancient paths

Pembrokeshire and the Causeway of Belinus.

  What links the western edge of Pembrokeshire to Oxford and thence to a dragon myth tied to the very foundation of Wales? The answer is an ancient Celtic path known as the Causeway of Belinus. Almost everything about this dead-straight east-west line is surrounded by foggy folklore mixed with misty history. But one thing […]

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Glenn in his studio

Must See: Glenn Ibbitson at Stwidio 3, Cardigan.

Resident in Newcastle Emlyn for fifteen years, Glenn Ibbotson left a career as a Scenic Artist for film and television [several years with BBC]. This work had provided opportunities for him to practice trompe-l’oeil techniques and visual trickeries on an industrial scale. The methods he employed and the visuals he was responsible for creating there […]

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Deb Winter and friends

The Fire Maker with Deb Winter and Tinc y Tannau.

I am not the only person to have been inspired and delighted by the many skills of Deb Winter. We first met in Bristol some years ago on a writing workshop that she was facilitating near my home. I was pleased to find her here in Pembrokeshire when I finally made the move myself. I […]

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nine galleons

Minimalism is Out!

Reptile Tiles and Ceramics. Tucked away in a beautiful cottage, purpose-built studio and workshop in a village on the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire border, I was fortunate to spend a morning in the company of Carlo Briscoe and Ed Dunn – the artists behind Reptile Tiles and Ceramics. Having recently celebrated 31 years in business and marriage together, […]

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Picton Castle side view

A magical place for all to visit.

Picton Castle and Gardens. If you are seeking a good day out with something for everyone, then we would recommend a visit to Pembrokeshire’s favourite stately home, at Rhos , near Haverfordwest, SA62 4AS. For 2018 a new Experience Ticket has been introduced to include the castle tour, gardens and the Secret Owl Gardens – […]

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Calan 2019

Calan in St Davids Cathedral

St. Davids Cathedral May 29th 2019 Calan are a five-piece band that feature superb musicianship on fiddles, guitar, harp and bagpipes, they deliver Welsh traditional music and song to new, ever-growing audiences worldwide. Since 2008 Calan have been singing and playing songs and tunes covering folk story, ballads, jigs and danceable, foot-stomping instrumentals. St Davids […]

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Lamphey Bishop’s Palace.

A Cadw treasure near Pembroke. Not far from Pembroke, in the pretty village of Lamphey in Pembrokeshire, the listed ruins of the Lamphey Bishop’s Palace are a beautiful place to visit. A scheduled ancient monument since 1970, the palace remains are set in beautiful gardens and parking is nearby under a grove of trees. Within […]

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