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Arts and culture in Pembrokeshire

Louis Okwedy

Louis Okwedy: Identity and Belonging.

It’s a pleasure to meet Louis Okwedy, the grandson of a Nigerian chief, who grew up in Tenby. You would expect there to be some  personal sense of ‘otherness’ just asking to be explored with that kind of heritage and Louis doesn’t disappoint. If you go to his website you will see the video ( A RETURN TO […]

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trainline near the priory

Haverfordwest Priory.

In the care of CADW. Have you ever taken some time to stop and explore the ruins of the priory on the banks of the Western Cleddau in our county town of Haverfordwest? This is well worth a visit and there are lovely riverside walks if you have time to explore further along the banks. […]

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Rosey Cale, Pembrokeshire songstress

Rosey Cale’s new single!

We are honoured to have listened to Rosey Cale’s forthcoming single…The Keepers. Here’s a little bit about the track and the idea behind it…’Over the last few years I’ve written quite a few songs about heart ache and heart break. But I realised, while I’m paying so much attention to the negative guys, I’m ignoring […]

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Tales of Pembrokeshire.

Purslane.   Many years ago in a land far from this, a proud people roamed a land of plenty. For as long as they had lived, the Mother of the earth had nourished them. Wherever they set up camp, fresh water sprang from the ground. When they hunted, beasts fell before them and offered themselves […]

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The Dale Princess brings more visitors to the island

A Fisherman I am not!

A true Pembrokeshire tale from the past. When I was young, my Dad took us kids out fishing from Dale – every year from when i was about 8 until teenage years. I can honestly say the only thing I enjoyed about the trips were the eating of the fresh mackerel afterwards! We went with […]

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Newport Parrog

The House Along The Wall.

Newport re-imagined. Karen Hayes and her family have been coming to Newport for over twenty years. The first of her three daughters was two and the second only 6 months old when they stumbled across this beautiful little haven with its ancient history. “We fell in love with it here,”she tells me at her book […]

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Work by Glenn Ibbitson

Moths and Birds and Men in Boxes.

The Life and Work of Glenn Ibbitson.   Glenn Ibbitson lives and works in Newcastle Emlyn. It’s just over the border, but I have long admired Glenn’s work, and when he agreed to do an interview I was delighted. Glenn’s interest in drawing was encouraged initially by a science teacher when he was about 12. […]

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The Love of Words: Richard Wheeler.

I won’t pretend to know anything about poetry, except that I know what I like. So when Richard Wheeler agreed to talk to us about his love of words, I was delighted. Richard has known Pembrokeshire from childhood and, like so many people we talk to, came back again and again until the opportunity presented […]

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afanc eye

WELSH LEGENDS: The Afanc of Brynberian.

The village of Brynberian at the foot of the Preseli hills in northern Pembrokeshire has an ancient history and a curious legend. Here is our version of that legend.   A long long time ago in a village that still exits but has changed, lived people who were different but who are in many ways, […]

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The Edge 2019.

The Edge V Festival Gwyl yr Ymyl Solfach 2019 was  a great success The  opening address was given by Baroness Eluned Morgan and led to a weekend of fun and frolics with an eclectic mix of musical performances. From a  local group just aged 12 years, through to a Lady Gaga Tribute, it was all […]

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