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Businesses and work in the county of Pembrokeshire


Mrs Will the Fish.

2018 South West Wales Award Winner-Best Seafood Takeaway! In 1973, when Willie Phillips solemnly vowed at his wedding to forsake all others, his bride realized that he didn’t mean a word of it. She knew that for better or worse, it would always be a ménage à trois: Willie, Jan … and his boat. For […]

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Alais, Dyslexia Tutor


Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling. Having the condition doesn’t mean that a person’s intelligence is affected, but it can be very challenging. The NHS say that a person with dyslexia may: • read and write very slowly • confuse the order of letters in words […]

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breath workshop

Healing the Healer with Jo Di Francesco

I met Jo Di Francesco quite by chance recently at a friends house. In conversation she told me a little about her experience of living with cancer and her work to transform her own life and the lives of others. We met a few weeks later and I asked her to tell me more about […]

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Pembrokeshire CBD Centre logo

C.B.D. Healing.A New Look.

Pembrokeshire CBD centre opened in December 2018. The venture was started by Rowan Bailey, Adam Edgerley, Joe Thompson, and Andrew Sutton but non of them were expecting the massive success it would become very quickly. The men came together because of their interest in the possible medical benefits of Cannabidiol aka CBD. Rowan has his […]

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students learning with Climbing Company

Stu’s Story.

How the Climbing Company came about! Coming into contact with so many people looking at becoming an Outdoor Instructor, many often ask how I got into it all. Running Instructor Training and Assessments and working closely alongside many different outdoor centres and providers, I often end up giving advice on becoming an Outdoor Instructor to […]

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Road Skills Education

A1: Freedom of the Road for Everyone

Sarah started her career as a driving instructor over 14 years ago.  “My instructor in Cardiff was really good,” she told me, “I had previously had  some bad ones, but he inspired me.” So inspired was she that, when the time was right, she went on to obtain a Diploma in Driver Education (Dip DE.)  […]

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Claire Bates

New Roles in National Park

Oriel y Parc yn croesawu Rheolwr newydd Mae Rheolwr newydd wedi ymuno â’r tîm sy’n rhedeg Oriel a Chanolfan Ymwelwyr Oriel y Parc yn Nhyddewi. Mae gan Claire Bates brofiad helaeth o reoli amgueddfeydd a safleoedd treftadaeth, gan weithio i sefydliadau elusennol ac awdurdodau lleol. Ei rôl ddiweddaraf oedd Rheolwr Gweithrediadau i Amgueddfa Genedlaethol y […]

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We all know that awful feeling when the computer does something weird, or worse, just freezes and wont respond. I have had kittens realising that the technology I am so dependent upon has let me down. At times like this, you need a friendly expert…someone who knows they have to act quickly, explain simply and […]

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climbing in Pembrokeshire

Climbers need Self Rescue Skills.

The Climbing Company, Pembrokeshire. Are you a climber???How are your self rescue skills? Be honest with yourself.. Are you already lead climbing but feel you could benefit from the knowledge of some Self Rescue Skills, for you and your partner if that worse case scenario ever occurred? It could be how to safely get yourself […]

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clothes rails

The Dress Agency Comes to Newport.

You may have met Jude Preston at Fishguard market on a Thursday, or at one of the many markets around Pembrokeshire. She is causing quite a stir with her vast collection of designer labels at very affordable prices. Jude and her  husband had spent many childhood holidays in Pembrokeshire, long before they met. After their […]

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