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Would you mind very much if we tell you our latest news?

We hope you will join us in celebrating a whole year of Pembrokeshire Online and our very first award. Yes, we have been given a pot of money from the National Lottery, Awards For All.

Many of you will know that Pembrokeshire Online is a Community Interest Company launched in January 2018 to provide a free online magazine for all who live in or love Pembrokeshire. A feature goes out live every day and each one is a positive, informative and entertaining insight into life behind the scenes. We focus on the community, work, the natural environment and culture and we have a lively presence across social media. A growing network of contributors and followers also means that we successfully reach out to people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.
Our team are all volunteers and include writers, photographers, gardeners, conservationists, artisans, traders, and so many more. We believe in working across generations, challenging preconceived ideas and facilitating skills sharing. Pembrokeshire Online provides opportunities for people to gain experience, build portfolios and enhance their employment prospects.

Due to its online nature, we are fully inclusive. That means anyone with internet access, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances can read our magazine, and /or offer contributions. We understand that there are challenges around poor digital literacy across Pembrokeshire, but we plan to do our bit with that too. We really mean it when we say that we want to help to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing.,

Since our launch we have become aware of some wonderful community development work going on in hamlets, villages and neighbourhoods across the sparsely populated county and now, thanks to Awards For All, we can do more .

That brings us to our new project, Communities Online and the purpose of the funding.

We plan to widen awareness and celebrate community development. So much is happening in Pembrokeshire from sustainable energy projects, to the development of community centres with a host of amazing things in between. Just look at our latest articles on the Community Fridge, Non Violent Communication, Men’s sheds, Singing for Fun, or coming soon, the latest exciting developments at Brynberian.

Being on line means we are ideally placed to bring people together and strengthen relationships, via online information exchanges, forums and features.

We meet and interview so many lovely people with so many skills, we think we are ideally placed to create a database of county-wide experts, entertainers, artisans and local tradespeople.

There are still issues for many people about using the internet…something POINT are addressing with their Digital Champions Project. We want to add whatever we can to that work and the other initiatives across the county that are bringing us all into the 21st Century with all the positive things technology has to offer.

Very dear to our hearts is the platform Pembrokeshire Online offers for the sharing of local stories and the capturing of the histories and activities in communities.

We hope you like our new look magazine, but there are things we want to do to make it more accessible and even shinier. We would like to add video and a donations button, because the award won’t last forever, and we are keen to stay alive and vital. We will spend some of the funds on that and we welcome comments and advice on what you would like to see. What works for you as a reader or contributor?

So that’s where you come in. We have just begun contacting the 50 plus village halls/community centres to begin forming a picture of who does what and how. There are so many amazing people doing sterling work in their communities, but with little time to pass on what works and what doesn’t. Maybe we can share information, newsletters, updates , not just through the magazine but also on social media.

If you are involved in a village hall or community centre, just let us know. We want your skills and your ideas. Got a story to tell, a business to promote , a club you want us to know about or an event you are planning? You are the community that the magazine is all about and provided what you have to say doesn’t contravene the rules of a Community Interest Company and  will be of interest to our readers, we will consider it.

Fancy having your name in print…..getting Grandad to tell his story about growing up in Pembs , or what farming was like fifty years ago, or your brother’s love of skateboarding….. but don’t know where to start? We will be delighted to show you what we need.

We have a contributors policy for anyone who fancies sending us stories, articles or poetry and we are planning to facilitate groups for people who would like to have a go at writing articles or reviews. We get press passes for a lot of local events , which means free entry for our correspondent in exchange for an appropriate and agreed article.
If you have skills to offer, please let us know. We are always happy to hear from anyone interested in the magazine.

There is no age limit for contributors and we would love to see more young people getting involved. Great for that C.V. and a lovely way to bring people together.

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