Contributors Contract.

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Pembrokeshire Online CIC

Contributors Contract

This is your contributor contract with Please read it carefully. You confirm your agreement to this contract when you submit material for inclusion on the website.

The Contributor supplies their Contributed Works on a non exclusive basis to Pembrokeshire Online, but guarantees that this will be the first publication of the material in this media and is their own original work.

The copyright owner of the Contributed Works is the sole owner free from any third party rights of the entire copyright and all other intellectual property rights throughout the world in the Contributed Works.

PO undertakes to copyright protect all images pulished on its media and will make reasonable efforts to provide a photo credit to the Contributor.

PO undertakes to promote the contributors material through the online magazine and / or MobileApp and across relevant social media and the Contributor hereby grants PO a royalty free worldwide licence for this purpose.

PO will facilitate the publication of certain material via Kindle or other agreed hard-copy publication. 30% of any receipts will be passed to the contibutor within 30 days.

Any information supplied with any Contributed Work or for use on the Website (including, but not limited to captioning, key-wording, descriptions and pseudonyms) or otherwise is accurate and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and is not defamatory, pornographic or of a political nature.

The Contributor and/or the copyright owner of the Contributed Works will retain all copyright and any other intellectual property rights in the Contributed Works and nothing in this agreement will assign or transfer the copyright or other intellectual property rights to PO or any other person.

PO undertakes to backup material appearing on the website.However,the Contributor acknowledges and accepts that server downtime and lost transmissions may occur on occasions. In recognition of this the Contributor agrees that PO shall have no liability to any Contributor or copyright owner (if different) for the loss of any Contributed Work or for any deterioration or damage to any Contributed Work on the Website system, or any failure of the Website system or otherwise which causes lost licence fees or other consequential loss.

PO and the Contributor acknowledge that this contract constitutes the entire agreement between them with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior agreement or arrangement.

Submissions Agreement

  1. There is no payment for submissions, unless agreed prior to submissions.
  2. All submissions will go through an editing process and may be published in a shortened or altered form at the editor’s discretion.
  3. All submissions, in their original form, remain the intellectual property of their creator. However, once published, the creator of the submission cannot insist upon its removal from the magazine.
  4. The Editorial team reserves the right to reject a submission at any time, even if that submission was requested by the magazine. Submission is not a guarantee that it will appear in the magazine. We are not required to enter into correspondence regarding submissions, but will endeavour to do so if a request is made in writing.
  5. If the magazine is in a position to pay expenses we will explain the process
  6. If expenses are to be paid this will be agreed in advance of any work being undertaken and claims should be submitted on our forms with appropriate receipts.

Pembrokeshire Online CIC

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