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Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire team

Nearly 4000 members for local group!

Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire (DFP) is a Facebook hosted group for people who love both their dogs and our beautiful county. Members are encouraged to share photos of their dogs enjoying being out and about. The idea of the group, initially set up by Al Rees some 3 years ago, is to share places to visit, walks and to recommend businesses that are dog-friendly.


This successful group has recently celebrated reaching a membership of 4,000.

Al Rees “This photo was where the idea came from… friends, enjoying walks in Pembrokeshire with their dogs. I thought we might get to a couple of hundred people… I got that wrong!

Since we started we’ve had group walks, seen friendships form, inspired rescue dog adoptions, raised over £10,000 for Greenacres Animal Rescue, held food collections, organised visits to the rescue centre, enjoyed BBQ’s, hosted table top sales, run quizzes and auctions, taken rescue dogs out (some had their first ever experience on the beach), seen lots of businesses becoming dog friendly, launched our DFP Sticker scheme, shared lots of ideas and had many laughs… “

Recently DFP members have been very involved with searches for lost dogs including Sybil the Spaniel and Red the collie cross. Red’s story, which we gladly had a happy ending, made national news – an elderly dog missing in the Preseli’s for over a week with snow on the ground. It was something of a miracle that she was found safe and has now made a full recovery.

The Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire Group has strict rules preventing advertising but as a result of an obvious demand for information about dog-friendly businesses, a sister group Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire – Business Listings and Recommendations  has been set up where businesses can list in a range of photo albums and members’ personal recommendations can be added under each entry. This is growing steadily. The album of eating places which welcome dogs inside now has over 70 entries – a useful resource for both locals and visitors to Pembrokeshire. Businesses are actively encouraged to display Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire stickers (sold in aid of Greenacres for a minimum £2 donation) so that people with dogs will know they are welcome.

Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire is a happy, positive and growing community uniting dog lovers – both resident and visiting. Why not join and be a part of it?



Liz Clarke

In celebration of all the Pembrokeshire dogs see below a gallery of some of the lovely dogs at last year’s County Show – dogs really are very welcome in this county! Pictures courtesy of Ianto Mor Photography.

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