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St Davids Bishops Palace

Arts Festivals 2018 in Pembrokeshire.

The Pembrokeshire Online CIC team all give their time and talents to produce this online magazine voluntarily! This always seems to astonish those we meet and we often get asked why….to meet and talk to the amazing people of Pembrokeshire is our main motivation. Another small perk ( and it costs us all lots in mileage, so we need some) is being invited to attend and review some of this county’s festivals and performances. Anyone who imagines West Wales to be a cultural backwater would be very mistaken – the calibre and variety in the arts scene here is quite amazing. On some weekends it is hard to choose what to enjoy first.

In terms of literature there are events such as the Penfro Book Festival and the internationally renowned Llangwm Literary Festival – one rainy weekend this village was host to some truly well-known speakers.

History and politics ,adventure and travel , not to mention flights of fancy for all ages made for a packed programme of talks…Llangwm Literary Festival

The weather was much kinder to the outdoor performers for the St Davids Festival Arts events in the Bishop’s Palace in St Davids and at Mathry hall. This festival was outstandingly good and we would highly recommend going along next year, which will be the 51st festival.


I feel that I want to mention each and every one of you by name with a great big thank you for your hard work and your skill but I haven’t even begun to mention the ten person orchestra who accompanied the cast. The songs, were delightful with some lovely singing voices and I particularly loved the closing pieces , sung by the whole cast . Some lovely harmonies…The Land of Green Ginger.  Kitty Parsons.

The absolute vitality and joy of the company literally shone from one end of the undercroft to the other. My earlier gloomy mood lifted, I smiled, I laughed, I sang (not sure I was meant to join in but I did). It is easy to forget the importance of the arts and how the performance arts in particular are so vital to human wellbeing. Sarah Wint after attending The Paintbox.

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Suzanne Ashworth

Suzanne Ashworth

Suzanne is now enjoying realising her long-held ambition to work as a Community Photojournalist and to celebrate her passion for the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire. Usually accompanied by her Pembrokeshire border collie, Cwtch.

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